Spectrum Deals for Existing Customers

Through an aggressive expansion program, Charter Communication (Spectrum) has grown to a giant service provider. They’re currently ranked the second-best cable service provider across the United States behind Comcast. This milestone was achieved after their merger with Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks. It led to an increased customer base of up to 102.7 million across 44 states. However, despite coverage in all these states, some have better coverage than others.

Charter Spectrum has also been working on upgrading its service tiers. Today, it’s easy to find 200Mbps base speeds instead of the previous 100Mbps for the cheapest plan. Notwithstanding this increment doesn’t attract any extra charges.

Cable internet packages are the major pillars of Spectrum. It is what puts them ahead of their competitors besides offering other services like phones, TV, and broadband. Additionally, their standardized and straightforward pricing is admirable. You don’t have to sign any contract to enjoy their unlimited data including buyouts. Unlike other providers, Spectrum packages do not limit video streams. This includes their cheapest package.

How to Get Spectrum Internet Deals

To get the Spectrum internet deals, you first need is to check whether the deal is available in your region. If yes, then you are good to proceed. Place an order depending on which method of installation you indent to use. There are two methods of installation; Self-installation and Pro installation.

If you are going to self-install, proceed to order a self-installation kit. This kit is free of charge. All you need to do is place an order either online or via phone. If by mistake you order the spectrum internet and forget the kit, you can do this later. So, you don’t have to panic. Just contact Spectrum deals for existing customers care and they will mail one to your address.

Immediately your kit arrives, the first thing you should do is ascertain that everything is available. In case anything is missing, make a call to the Spectrum team and get the item replaced.

Self-Installing Spectrum Internet: Installation Process

After verifying that everything is there, commence the installation process. you must follow the steps below keenly:

  1. Connect one end of the coaxial cable to the modem and the other end to the cable outlet.
  2. Connect one of the cables to the modem and give it time to connect. This process can take up to 5 minutes. When the connection is established, the online indicator should turn solid.
  3. Connect the Ethernet cable to the modem as well as the wireless router.
  4. Join the remaining power cable to the router and wait for it to power on. This stage can take up to even 10 minutes. So, don’t be in a hurry. When the process is complete, the WIFI indicator should be solid green.
  5. Now connect your computer to the new Spectrum Wi-Fi network. The Wi-Fi name and the password should be printed at the back of the router or the accompanying stickers.
  6. If you have followed these steps correctly, you should be connected and ready to browse now.

After you have configured everything correctly, what remains now is activation. To activate your Spectrum internet, connect to the Wi-Fi and open any browser. The browser should redirect you automatically to the internet activation page. In case that doesn’t happen, just login to the Spectrum website and start the process manually.

spectrum deals for existing customers

10 Best Spectrum Deals for Existing Customers (2023 Update)

1. Triple Play Select

Triple play select is one of the unique Spectrum deals. If you need a plan with a diverse range of services from internet, phone and unlimited calling, you have it here. With Triple play select, you get internet access with 100Mbps rate. Additionally, you receive a modem and access to over 175 select TV channels.

The unlimited phone calls can be made anywhere in the US. And the fact that this internet is supplied through a capable, reliability is sure. Therefore, instances of downtime are very rare unless when overloaded.

All these services will cost you $102.97/month in addition to unlimited streaming. After all, lack of data caps is one of the strengths of spectrum internet.

2. Triple Play Silver

Looking for an efficient plan to watch your favorite TV shows on HBO, SHOWTIME, and NFL? Check out Triple play silver. The deal costs only $132.97/month and also allows unlimited phone calls. Besides the cable connection in the house, the package includes a free modem which you can use on your devices. You are also allowed to connect 4 to 5 devices and function without hiccups. The premium phone features provided on this package are incredible. For example, you can block and forward calls, activate voice mail, caller ID on TV among others.

The download and upload internet speeds are 100 and 10Mbps respectively. At only $9.99 self-installation and activation cost, it’s a good deal. The Spectrum TV App also gives you a chance to watch over 30,000 titles on the go.

3. Triple Play Gold

Triple play gold is an awesome package for renters, large households, streamers and big families. It goes at $152.97/month and a modem as well as unlimited data and calls. The Spectrum TV gold allows you to watch HBO Max, SHOWTIME, STARZ, TMC, STARZ ENCORE & NFL Network channels.

Ideally, you have all the three services. The internet, phone and TV included. Depending on where you reside, the service fee can vary. Therefore, it’s important to call the customer care and confirm the availability of service and charges.

4. Double Play Select

If you don’t want to include the phone bundle, the double play select is a good choice. It has an unlimited 100Mbps internet connection all at $89.98 per month. You can use the free modem you receive to connect your devices on internet. There are also over 120 HD channels you can watch including FOX News, C-SPAN, Food Network, and Disney Channel.

5. Double Play Silver

If you want to upgrade to more channels and higher internet speeds, double play gold is your package. It goes at $119.98. It offers the Spectrum silver TV which includes incredible shows and features; The beautiful cable channels, free HD, local programming etc. All these are packaged together.

The additional channels like BBC World News, ESPNU, and the Golf add the spice to this deal. HBO and Showtime added are like an icing to an already sweet cake. If you are a movie fanatic, double play silver gives you access to HD on demand movie streaming. The 200Mbps internet speed ensures your streaming isn’t interrupted. And you can further upgrade it to Ultra 400Mbps.

6. Double Play Gold

Double is the biggest TV and internet package. The TV gold is the epitome of watch list and enjoyment. All the channels available in Spectrum TV select and TV silver are compressed here. If willing, you can even customize your watch list with specialized channels like ESPN Goal Line, LOGO, and MTV2.

On top of all those awesome TV services, you have an option to get 200Mbps or even higher. The strength of your internet is determined by where you reside, budget and availability. If you want all your watching sorted, get this double play and you won’t regret it. There being no data caps, you can even further game online as much as you want.

7. Spectrum Internet

Purchasing a stand-alone bundle is always the cheaper option but has its limitations. You find that with a few more dollars you can get duo or tri package with more features. That’s why people are encouraged to survey the market for all options before making a decision.

If you are considering an internet-only plan, be sure to compare with the bundle deals above. Sometimes Charter Spectrum offers TV or Phone service for just a few dollars more than stand-alone internet.

Spectrum internet is the cheapest internet only package going at $49.99 per month. The data is not restricted giving you a chance to stream as much as you want. And since you are not under any contract, you can opt out the deal if not satisfied.

8. Spectrum Internet Ultra

If you want higher speeds for either streaming or any other online use, internet ultra is a good choice. It has 400Mbps internet speed which is good enough for maintaining steady streaming and other transactions. Its cost is $69.99 per month. An accompanying free modem offers an alternative way to connect your devices to internet.

There is no restriction to how much you can browse. And better still you can boost the speeds at will. With such speeds, relatively small families can stream HD contents via multiple devices without buffering. Also, it’s easy to operate homes security cameras powered by the internet.

9. Spectrum Internet GIG

Internet GIG is the best standalone internet plan. Its speed clocks up to 940Mbps with 4K content viewing. The plan costs $109.9 per month and even the largest of families can rely on this plan Doubting it? GIG can serve over 20 devices simultaneously without a single buffer. Given the Spectrum data doesn’t have caps, if you want internet maverick, you got it in GIG. 

10. Internet 60

This is the best casual internet plan meant for people who watch SD videos. It offers speeds of up to 60Mbps at only $44.99 per month. If you want either a single or dual user plan, internet 60 is a good choice. Additionally, people operating under a budget can make use of this plan.

How to Compare Charter Spectrum Plans

Before picking a Charter Spectrum plan, proper discretion is advised. There are number of guidelines that can help you make an informed decision. These include;

  1. Bundled Services: Choosing bundle services can save you a couple of dollars than going for a single plan. For instance, if you frequently need TV services, purchasing TV and internet bundle is a fair deal.
  2. Confirm the Pricing: Even though Charter Spectrum fees schedule is generally transparent and easy to understand, confusion can ensue. For example, some popularized promos only apply on bundle deals. So, without clear information you could find yourself in a fix.
  3. Watch out for Promotion Rates: New Charter internet customers enjoy a full year promotion rate. After the first year, the company imposes the normal charges. That means your new rates could raise close to 40& depending on your plan. Therefore, you should watch out for these rates not to dupe you.

Is Charter Spectrum the Same as Time Warner Cable

We could say so. Reason being Charter Communications acquired Time Warner Cable in the year 2016. Thereafter, they changed TWC plans to Spectrum services. Thus, if you were previously using Time Warner Cable in your region, it is Charter Spectrum today.

The Charter Spectrum Network:

Currently, there are three major internet technologies in the market; DSL, Fiber, and Cable. Charter Spectrum uses cable technology. It is neither the recent nor the best after the emergence of fiber technology. However, it has some pretty internet speed records outside peak hours.

The company relies on cable TV lines for the transmission of data. The cable infrastructure is shared in several houses in the neighborhood. They will extend from a nearby utility or telephone pole to the house.

To counter the high traffic during peak hours, Spectrum has adopted a DOCSIS 3.1 transmission technology. This enables transmissions speeds of up to 940Mbps. The technology relies on the existing cable infrastructure instead of laying new ones.

How to Get a Spectrum Discount

Spectrum doesn’t offer any discounts to customers. However, many people got their bills lowered through negotiation. Although getting such a discount isn’t an easy task, its not completely impossible. As long as you do your research well and be ready to argue your case, you’ll definitely win a deal. Some of the Critical information you need to gather include;

  • Previous bills.
  • Your history with Spectrum and your plan.
  • Your previous payments history.
  • A detailed comparison of your bills and previous promotions and Spectrum deals.

Once you’ve gathered all the information you need, it’s time for deal negotiation.

Negotiation Stage

Make a call to Spectrum customer care. Be willing to twist and turn the agents to consider your request. You may have to speak to more than one respondent until you’re connected to the right office. Even if you are turned down, go ahead and make other calls later until you get a positive response.

One thing is sure though, the decision lies with the associate of the percentage discount to offer. Use all the possible grounds to get them to listen. The following points have proved to work for several people;

1. Threaten Cancelling Your Plan

This is one of the most lethal tools during any negotiation. Therefore, ensure you don’t pull it unless it is very necessary. If the associates are adamant about offering you a discount, make it known to them that you are will to abandon their service. At this point, you can mention the alternatives and their charges. Quote the competitor packages, deals, and corresponding charges.

In most cases, this works in your favor. You could be directed to the retention department if they have no favorable deal for you.

2. Have Leverage

Ensure you are well vast with the information speaking in your favor. Information like timely payments can be a strong point of argument. Raise the point about your faithful payments and commitment. Remember to quote any discount or promotions accorded to you.

Also, if there has been any glitch on their side bring it up. Issues like billing and poor services always tend to tone down the associates. Your conduct during disputes and hitches resolution will definitely earn you some points. Based on that loyalty, chances are you will walk out with a discount.

3. Be Courteous

At this point, you are dealing with a human being, so, courtesy is critical. Even if the discussion doesn’t seem to go your way, maintain your cool. You can request the associate to redirect you to the manager or someone who can help. Not even once during the negotiation should you sound arrogant or impolite.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t emphasize your points. Always assess the situation and be willing to change tack. After all, politeness enhances negotiation and creates a friendly-healthy environment to transact.

When negotiating, listen keenly to every detail and the explanation offered by the associates. Do not interrupt to avoid missing important points. Revolve the whole negotiation around your loyalty and comparisons. And at the end of the day, you may succeed in convincing them and grant your wish.

Other than arguing and negotiating with Spectrum associates, you have the power to reduce your bill. Below are some of the best ways to cut down your expenditure on spectrum internet.

4. Switch to Low Tier Plan

There are several tiers in Spectrum under which we have different services and packages. Instead of paying for subscription channels that you are not using, go ahead and downsize them. The main difference between these plans is only the number of channels if you are using the Tv and internet. Simply eliminate the unnecessary subscription.

5. Slash Extras

Lots of features, equipment, and costs accompany the Charter Spectrum deals. The thing is, you may not need to use all of them. So, why keep them? You can get rid of them and remain only with what is relevant.

You can also change the method of operating your services. For instance, instead of renting equipment, you can purchase yours. This only will cut down the cost of the bundle. You should also pay close attention to issues and extra costs that contribute to high expenditure. Try as much as you can to cut down on such expenditure.

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Final Word

Charter Spectrum is one of the service providers with the best internet, phone and TV plans. Their payment schedules are very straightforward and there are no complications. Once you are subscribed to their network, you are assured of great services. Their mode of data distribution being cable means reliability is not a problem.

Most people complain about Spectrum only because they have no discounts once new customers finish the first year. However, in this article, we have offered a solution to this problem. Instead of canceling the service, you have the power to change things. All you need are few tools; Patience, courtesy, consistency and information. These will help you to argue your points and justify why you need that discount. It’s not an easy endeavor but it works. No business wants to lose customers. On that note, you can get the associates listen and grant you your wish.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Spectrum Have Deals for Existing Customers?

Spectrum doesn’t have any defined deals for existing customers. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy reduced bills. All a customer is supposed to do is contact the customer and request a bonus of bill reduction. There is no guarantee that the associates will approve your request. However, this method has worked for several people. Besides, if they do not give in to your request, you can simply cancel the service and rejoin later. This can be a great way to qualify for new customer deals.

What is the Cheapest Spectrum Package?

Spectrum Internet is the cheapest package at only $49.99 per month. It is the only internet package whose speed goes up to 100Mbps.

What is the Cost of Spectrum Internet Only?

Spectrum internet only is a standalone internet package going at $49.99 per month for 100Mbps. There is also a 940Mbps plan at $109.99.

How Much is Spectrum Internet Monthly?

The Spectrum internet charges range from $49.99 to $109.99. The variation is based on the speed tier and the bundled services available therein.

Does Spectrum offer Discounts for Seniors?

No. Currently, Spectrum isn’t offering senior discounts. However, through the Spectrum Internet Assist program, the Supplemental security income subscribers can benefit. These are seniors 65 years and above. Although, the assistance isn’t available to everyone by default neither doesn’t serve only the seniors. The students and low-income households also can qualify.