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How To Get Xfinity Student Discount? – Detailed Instructions

Comcast Xfinity is the biggest cable internet service provider in the United States and it offers phone, cable TV, and internet services with a wide variety of internet plans including both contract and no-contract subscriptions. Xfinity Comcast has been ranked as providing the fastest lightning speed internet connection in the market.

It is the most widely used broadband provider in the United States with over 30 million users across 39 states in the country. With its fiber-optic network, Xfinity offers internet speeds of the highest tier with up to 3000MBPS. Xfinity offers a total of nine internet plans with affordable prices ranging from as little as $30 to $300 per month. If you are looking for better Xfinity internet plan deals, then you might want to consider the plans that are under contract.

Internet connection is a very important part of a student’s life because it is needed for a lot of academic and leisurely activities. However, with too many bills to take care of, the cost of internet plans might be too expensive for a lot of students to handle. This is why Xfinity Comcast offers discounts on a lot of internet plans to students and teachers as well. By making use of the Xfinity student discounts, you can save big on Xfinity cable and internet plans through up to a $100 gift card, six months of Amazon Music Unlimited and more.

In this article, we’ll explain the Xfinity Student discounts and offers and how you can subscribe to the student discount plan.

How Can I Get an Xfinity Student Discount?

Xfinity has made the burden of bills easier on students through its student discount program. It provides students with exclusive deals that require a one-year contract and a student offer that includes a $100 gift card and six months of Amazon Unlimited Music. As a student, you can also be eligible for Xfinity Internet Essentials which will give you 50Mbps under no contract for $9.95 per month if you are a participant in public assistance programs like Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), National School Lunch Program (NSLP), Medicaid, Housing Assistance, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and more.

There are conditions that need to be met before you can be eligible for the Xfinity Student Discount. These conditions are as follows:

  • You must be a student attending eligible US Title IV, degree-granting colleges or universities.
  • You must be in an area where Xfinity internet and TV service is available.
  • You must be presently attending a qualified college or university.
  • It is not available for students living in on-campus housing.
  • The Xfinity Student Discount offer is only for new residential customers only.

If you meet all the requirements needed for the Xfinity Student Discount offer, then you can join this offer through the https://www.xfinity.com/student webpage.

How to Get Xfinity Student Discount? – Detailed Instructions

The Xfinity Student Discount can be easily activated through the Xfinity student page. As long as you are eligible for the offer, you can subscribe by filling out an application and providing the appropriate documentation. The process of accessing the Xfinity Student Discount is explained in detail below;

  • Visit the Xfinity Student page at https://www.xfinity.com/student fill in the form on the page.
  • You will be asked to input the name of your college or university, your full name(s), university email address.edu and date of birth.
  • Click on Continue and SheerID will verify your identity and eligibility.
  • In the case of a failed verification, you can still try again by providing 3 documents issued by your school as long as the documents have the necessary information like name, school name, class schedule, transcript, and letter of enrollment.
  • After verification, you should select an Xfinity internet or TV plan.
  • Choose a post-pay subscription that will be for a residential internet service.
  • You can then enter your debit or credit card details and verify your card.

You should then be able to successfully gain access to the Xfinity Student Discount.

Best Xfinity Student Internet Plans and Deals Offers in 2022

With student loans, daily upkeep, housekeeping bills, and the cost of academic tools, it is very difficult to deal with bills as a student. Internet connection is one of those utilities that you cannot do without as a student because of its academic and social importance. You can ease the cost of internet bills by joining the Xfinity Student Discount program which saves you the hassle of dealing with expensive internet plans. Continue reading to find out the best Xfinity student internet deals and offers.

Xfinity offers eligible students an exclusive deal for high quality, lag-free, and lightning speed internet connection. This deal includes a $100 Visa prepaid card to access a high speed internet connection, Xfinity Flex subscription to stream your favorite movies and shows, and up to six months of Amazon Unlimited Music.

The Xfinity Internet Plans that you can make use of as a student across all available states in the country include:

  • Performance Starter+ (50 Mbps at $29.99 per month)
  • Performance (100 Mbps at $34.99 per month)
  • Performance Pro (200 Mbps at $39.99 per month)
  • Blast! (400 Mbps at $59.99 per month)
  • Extreme (400 Mbps at $50 per month)
  • Extreme Pro (800 Mbps at $69.99 per month)
  • Gigabit (1.2 GB at $79.99 per month)
  • Gigabit Pro (2 GB at $299.99 per month)
  • Connect (50 Mbps at $19.99 per month)
  • Connect More (100 Mbps at $34.99 per month)
  • Fast (300 Mbps at $49.99 per month)
  • Superfast (600 Mbps at $64.99 per month)
  • Ultrafast (900 Mbps at $74.99 per month)

These plans vary in availability depending on whether you reside in the Northeast Division, Central Division, or Western Division.

Who Qualifies for Xfinity Student Discount?

Students, silly! Anyone over the age of 16 and in full-time education – including uni, college, sixth form and high school – can use Student Beans. If you’re studying for an apprenticeship, you’re also eligible. All you need to do is register and verify your student status in order to get access to thousands of free student discounts. You can sign up here.

Is Subscribing to Xfinity Internet Plans Worth it?

Xfinity is the biggest internet service provider in the United States and it has made a good impression on its subscribers by providing the fastest high speed internet connection available with a variety of packages to choose from. Xfinity Internet is definitely worth considering and it is available in most of the states across the United States.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is Eligible for the Xfinity Student Discount?

Students. If you are 16 years plus and a student attending an eligible university or college in the United States that is in an area where Xfinity is available, then you will be eligible for Xfinity Student Discount. This offer, however, is only available for students that are new residents and are not part of on-campus housing.

How Do I Verify for Xfinity’s Student offers?

You can verify for the Xfinity Student Discount offer by visiting the Xfinity Student page at https://www.xfinity.com/student and filling the form with all the information required. You will be able to enjoy the offer if your information has been successfully verified and deemed eligible for the deal.

How Much Dose Xfinity Internet Cost?

Xfinity offers internet-only plans between $19.99 per month for 50 Mbps and $299.95 monthly for 3,000 Mbps download speeds. Your exact Xfinity internet plans will depend on Xfinity’s options in your area.

Where Can I Sign Up for Xfinity Student Discount?

Getting the Xfinity Student Discount offer is very easy as long as you are eligible and can be done by heading over to the Xfinity Student page at https://www.xfinity.com/student. Fill in the form with all the necessary information like your full name, school name, student email address.edu and your date of birth. You can then proceed to verify these details and verify your payment card after selecting an internet or TV plan.

What Can I Get from Xfinity Student Discount?

By joining the Xfinity Student Discount, an eligible student can enjoy the benefits and discount on internet plans. These benefits include a $100 Visa prepaid card to gain access to a high speed internet service, an Xfinity Flex subscription to stream your favorite movies and TV shows, plus six months of Amazon Unlimited Music.

Which Internet Providers Feature Broadband Plans for $10 a Month?

Cox’s Connect2Compete features 50Mbps for $10 a month, while Mediacom’s Connect2Compete is also $10 a month but for 25Mbps. RCN provides a 25Mbps plan for $10 a month with its Internet First program and Xfinity’s Internet Essentials plan is 50Mbps for $10 a month.

How is my Information Verified for Student Discount by Xfinity?

The information you submit on the form at Xfinity Student page is collected and verified by SheerID. If the verification is not successful, you might be required to provide additional documentation from the school that will contain information that can verify your identity and eligibility.

Does Xfinity Have a Student Discount?

Yes. Xfinity has a Student Discount offer that is available for students on their website at https://www.xfinity.com/student.

Does Xfinity Give a Discount to its Customers?

Yes. Xfinity offers discounts to its subscribers and especially has deals for seniors, students, teachers, military veterans and individuals that are members of government assistance programs like National School Lunch Program (NSLP), Housing Assistance, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Medicaid or Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

Does Comcast Xfinity Offer Any Discounts?

Yes. Comcast Xfinity has a variety of different discounts and deals for its subscribers. These deals vary based on certain criteria and degree of eligibility.

How to Get Xfinity Limited-time offers?

You can get the limited time Xfinity offers and deals by visiting the website at https://www.xfinity.com and browsing through the available deals you are eligible for.

Where to Find Xfinity Military and Veteran Discounts?

If you are in the military or are a veteran, then you can be eligible for Xfinity military deals, discounts and offers by heading to the Xfinity Military webpage at https://military.xfinity.com.

How to Get Comcast Xfinity Senior Discounts?

Xfinity does not have an exclusive seniors discount but senior citizens can be eligible for the Internet Essentials plan by being a participating member of government assistance programs that support senior citizens like Tribal assistance programs, Medicaid, Public Housing Assistance, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), VA pension, and more.

Does Xfinity Have Teacher Discounts?

Yes. Like student discounts, Xfinity has also started offering discounts to teachers, faculty, administrators and staff working at US Title IV, K-12 schools, universities and colleges.

What Shops Provide Discounts to Students?

Some shops that offer discounts to students include Aeropostale, ModCloth, One Hanes Place, Banana Republic, Barnes and Noble, Chegg, Sprouts, Subway, Waffle House, Dunkin Donuts, Topshop, and Kroger.

Is There a Senior Discount from Comcast?

Xfinity does not have a plan discount specifically for seniors but senior citizens are eligible for Xfinity Internet Essentials plan.

How Much Does Xfinity WiFi Cost Per Month?

The cost of Xfinity internet plans depends on the type of plan you choose and there is a wide variety of Xfinity Internet Plans which range from $30 to $300 per month.

Do Any other Internet Providers offer Student Discounts?

Yes. Other internet service providers that offer student discounts include Cox Communications, Verizon, Spectrum, Charter Communications, Frontier Communications, and more.

How Do I Use the Xfinity Discount Code?

You can input the discount code in the bar labeled as such while checking out after selecting an Xfinity plan to purchase.

Do I Get free Delivery at Xfinity?

Yes. You can get free delivery at Xfinity through time-limited deals, offers or promo codes available on the website.

Does the Government offer free Internet?

Yes. You can get free internet or discounts on internet connection from the US Government through government assistance programs including the Pell Grant, Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and SNAP.


Students need an available internet connection in order to do a lot of academic work. It is also an essential aspect of socializing and communicating amongst students. However, paying internet bills can be a huge burden because of the weight of bills associated with students. This is why Comcast Xfinity had offered students a way to save big on internet plans by introducing the Xfinity Student Discount offer.

This offer provides students with a lot of benefits on their internet plans like a $100 Visa prepaid gift card, six months of Amazon Unlimited Music, and Xfinity Flex subscription to keep them up to date with their favorite shows and movies. This article has explained how you can get the Xfinity Student Discount and gain access to the best student internet deals and offers.