Why Does My WiFi Keep Disconnecting? – How To Fix Issues

Why does my Wifi keep on disconnecting? An unstable internet connection can be annoying and stressful. It happens randomly and causes inconvenience especially since most people during this time rely on the internet for meetings, education, communication, and entertainment. Aside from the inconvenience, it may also slow down your windows which may lead to system errors.

Whether you are on a mobile phone or laptop, wifi sometimes disconnects and your streaming stops, you can’t log in to mobile games, or Spotify stops playing. It can be due to very slow internet speed, outdated router, or several users connected to single wifi.

Though it can be fixed easily, frequent wifi disconnection can be a sign that your internet connectivity has a problem. Below are some of the reasons why wifi keeps on disconnecting and how you can fi x these wifi issues.

Why Does My WiFi Keep Disconnecting? – How To Fix Issues

Having a wifi connection is important these days since people are working and studying from home. It can interrupt your online conference meeting or can prevent a student from submitting his school requirements. Causes of disconnection may be due to the device, server problems, or users.

1) Too Many Users

Now that almost everyone owns a smartphone, tablet, and laptop, too many devices that are connected to a single network may interrupt a wifi connection. Devices that are connected to the wifi but do not use any data may still consume bandwidth. Heavy usage of the internet such as streaming and gaming may also slow down the internet speed or drop the connection.

This happens commonly in buildings and homes with a shared wifi connection.

2) Weak WiFi Signal

When your router is placed in a bad spot, it limits the signal range of your wifi. The router should be placed in an area where you use wifi the most. Obstructions may also cause disconnection so it is best to place the router in a high area to prevent blocking of the signal.

3) Interference

Radio interference happens when the router is placed near landlines, smart tv, and other devices that use different signals. This may cause disconnection since the different signals made by these devices interfere with the wifi signal.

4) Router Problem

Routers may stop giving wifi signals if they are outdated. Glitches are often caused by a router being turned on all the time. If there is no one using the wifi, routers should be turned off and unplugged.

5) Damaged Network Cables

Once the ethernet cable is damaged or loose, it will automatically disconnect your wifi connection. Poorly configured ethernet or coaxial cables may be disconnected from the modem and router. Since this is a technical problem, a consultation from a technician may be needed.

Why Does My Phone Keep Disconnecting From WiFi?

Watching shows online or working on something on your mobile phone needs an established internet connection. Getting disconnected is naturally annoying. Good thing, that troubleshooting on disconnection of wifi on mobile phones is easy compared to when you are using a pc.

Since internet connection is an essential part of everyday communication, disconnecting from a wifi network may cause frustrations and bigger problems. The disconnection may be caused by a faulty smartphone or internet connection issues.

# Internet Connection

This is the most common reason why a phone keeps on disconnecting from wifi. This refers to the internet provider having issues establishing the internet connection. Unfortunately, you cannot fix this yourself. You have to wait for your provider to fix the connection issue.

# Router Problem

Your router may have loose cables that may cause the disconnection. Apart from that, it may be outdated or just simply misbehaving. Its firmware can be updated or just reboot the router by turning it off for a few seconds.

Troubleshooting WiFi Disconnection on Mobile Phone

There are many ways to troubleshoot disconnected wifi on mobile phones. You may just reconnect your phone by forgetting the wifi connection and reconnecting it again.

You may also try disabling wifi interfering apps. This includes VPNs and antivirus apps. Turning these apps off for a while and reconnecting again to the network should work.

Restarting the phone is the most common troubleshooting technique that works. It clears out all data and information stored on the phone.

Other Reasons That May Cause WiFi Disconnection

An antivirus app or software may keep your network from establishing a wifi connection. Since it blocks internet traffic, you may turn it off to establish a good wifi connection. However, turning off your antivirus is not recommended. Browsing the web unprotected can be a risk to your data.

The network card automatically updates regularly. However, if you think this is the culprit of your frequent wifi disconnection, you may update this with the use of a pc. Just open the device manager and choose network adapters. From there, you can update your network adapters and just follow the instructions then restart your pc.

If you are using a pc, some programs may slow down your internet connection or drop it entirely. It happens when your computer programs use all the internet bandwidth. You may want to stop these programs for a more established wifi connection. You may check this from your task manager. Just navigate through Processes then Network to organize the programs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should I do if None of the Troubleshooting Processes Work?

To get the proper solution, it is best to contact your service provider to have a proper check-up on your modem, cables, and connection.

Can Hackers Shut off my WiFi Connection?

Yes. They possibly know every method and has tools to shut off your connection.

Do I need to Factory Reset my Mobile Phone if it Frequently Disconnects on WiFi?

It is not necessarily needed. There are other ways to troubleshoot the disconnection. Factory resetting it should be the last option.


These are just some of the easiest and most convenient ways to troubleshoot your wifi disconnection. If you think the problem is on technicalities, it is best to contact your provider to fix it. For mobile phones, following the troubleshooting processes may reconnect your wifi easily.