Why Does My Laptop Keep Disconnecting From WiFi – Complete Guide

WiFi has become one of the most direly needed commodities of the present times. In science and technology, uninterrupted communication has become a key to several successes. In this regard, WiFi connectivity is the first thing to go for internet users because this connection keeps them interlinked and connected with people across the globe.

As with every new revolution and change, some intertwined problems and issues also emerge. Therefore, with the ease and comfort provided by the WiFi connectivity, the issue of repeated disconnection of the WiFi causes great trouble for the users. This article details the reasons for the case of consistent disconnecting of the WiFi from the laptop and also presents some viable and workable solutions for the problem.

Problems Cause by Disconnecting of WiFi From Laptop

Some core problems caused by the disconnection of the laptop from the WiFi are briefly described and critically analysed in this section.

1. Lost Internet Connection

With the disconnection of the WiFi, the laptop loses the access to the internet. The internet access is the sole tool through which the users can access the online world and perform their online actions. With the loss of internet access, the online activities of the users become halted, and the users become obliged not to use the internet.

Keeping in view the direst need for internet access in modern times, the tasks of one’s personal, professional, and academic lives are impacted quite drastically. For example, with internet access, communication with loved ones and friends becomes impossible. Likewise, sharing files, images, and any other form of data becomes impossible in the professional sphere with the inability to access the internet.

2. Hanging of Laptops

Several laptops show the issue of hanging and slowed work when they lose connection to the WiFi. The hanging of the computer makes the system of the laptop run slow. Several commands given to the computer may end up futile when the computer is hanged.

Not only this, but also, the user is vulnerable to losing the data in case of hanging of the laptop. In this way, with the issue of disconnecting of the laptops from the WiFi, a user can not only witness slowdowns, but also make one’s data susceptible to permanent deletion.

3. Overall Bad Online Experience

Modern day technology has evolved and developed so much as that the users do not face any significant trouble online. A good online experience is directly linked with the nature and quality of the WiFi connection. Slow connections or those connections that are lost easily make worse the online experience of the internet users.

Indeed, such experience is never the choice or the expected outcome from the internet users. With these experiences, the loss of faith of the user in the technology and the resultant ease provided by it becomes obvious.

Reasons Behind Disconnection of Laptop from WiFi

The issue of repeated disconnection of the laptops from the WiFi may happen due to several reasons. A few most commonly occurred causes for the problem under consideration are briefly elucidated.

1. Presence of Multiple WiFi Connections

One most commonly occurring cause of the disconnection of the laptops from the WiFi is the presence of multiple WiFi connections. The system confuses in the choice of the WiFi connection and keeps on disconnecting and connecting with several WiFi connections.

In this process of disconnecting from one relationship and connecting with others, the speed of the internet and quality of online experience is impacted quite drastically.

2. Presence of Outdated WiFi Driver

Only through the WiFi driver, the laptops configure the wireless WiFi into their systems. One primary reason for the disconnection of the WiFi from the computer is the issue of the WiFi driver. An outdated WiFi driver or such a WiFi driver that is not consistent with the configuration of the WiFi connection linked to the system leads to this loss of connectivity.

3. Need for Upgradation

The system come up with periodic updates, and if any of these updates are skipped, it may lead to the issue under consideration. When the system requires an update, laptops show many issues before that upgrade is completed, and one primary issue seen in this regard is the disconnection of the WiFi connection.

4. Poor Wireless Adapter

Any damage caused to the wireless adapter both in hardware and software can lead to disconnection of the WiFi connection. For this purpose, the need for a fully functional and undamaged wireless adapter becomes the prerequisite for seamless internet connectivity.

5. Malfunctioning of Router Hardware

The router hardware is yet another important aspect that needs to be considered while discussing the disconnection of the WiFi. Such router hardware that is not intact, damaged fully or partially or has any other malfunctioning issue leads to the emergence of the case under consideration.

Precautionary Measures

Before detailing the workable solutions of the problem under consideration, hereunder are described a few precautionary measures that, if used can prevent the issue from happening in the first place.

These measures obviously can be taken only before the commencement of the case. Once the problem has commenced, the user needs to move on to the solutions instead of the precautions. The answers are detailed in the next section.

1. Need for Having a Backup

An internet user should essentially have an impeccable backup system because the flaws and faults in the technology can arise at any moment. The internet user must always be fully prepared to tackle those issues. For this purpose, having the backup of the data can prevent the user from facing a lot of troubles.

Only by having a backup of the data can ensure the user that any of the problems caused during the loss of WiFi connection and its repercussion can be undone and brought back into the place where they were before.

2. Using Administrator Account

It is always advisable to use the administrator account while using the laptop instead of using the local history. The administrator account gives the user better control of one’s laptop, and the changes required to be made for the resolution of the issue of WiFi disconnection can be made only when having the administrator access to the computer.

3. Keeping the Software and Hardware in the Best Shape

Another essential precaution that internet users may use is to keep both the softwares and the hard wares in the best of their shapes. By maintaining a consistent up-gradation and update of the hardware and the software, they can be barred from creating any trouble, such as the loss of WiFi connection.

How to Fix Laptop Keep Disconnecting from WiFi

1. Restarting Laptop and Router

The easiest and most handy way to address the issue of disconnection of the WiFi from the laptop is to restart both the laptop and the router. The restarting process refreshes the settings of the laptop and the router. This allows the system to erase the issues in the software that cause trouble of disconnecting the WiFi.

2. Disabling Power Saving Setting of Adapter

The power-saving setting of the wireless adapter often bars the laptop from connecting with the WiFi effectively. By removing the power saving setting of the adapter by turning it off, the user enables the laptop to open up all paths through which the WiFi connection remains connected with the laptop, and seamless connectivity is maintained.

3. Updating or Replacing Network Driver

Through updating the network driver, the user ensures that no driver issues pave way to the commencement of the issue. The driver may cause the issue both when the network driver is not updated and when the network driver is incompatible.

This issue can be resolved either by editing the network driver or by replacing it with the compatible version. The requirement of each wireless WiFi connection, for example, the needed frequency of the router needed, help the users to determine which adapter is required for a particular network.

4. Changing Scan Valid Interval

The scan valid interval refers to the time before which any laptop or any other device looks for another wireless WiFi connection. As laptops automatically lookup for better WiFi connections, therefore, the issue of disconnecting the WiFi occurs periodically. By changing this scan valid interval, the user can stop one’s laptop from looking up the other available network connections.

5. Disabling WiFi Sense Feature

Closely associated with the solution mentioned above is another way of stopping the laptop from disconnecting from the WiFi. This solution is disabling the WiFi Sense feature. The WiFi sense feature works to locate the best available WiFi connection. Once that connection has been found, the laptop automatically disconnects from the previous connection and connects itself with this newer and better option.

However, during disconnecting and connecting again with the new network, time-lapse may occur. However minute this time-lapse may be, it always impacts the online experience of the user mainly by putting forth delays and interruption in the online activity.

6. Clearing the Clutter

Another workable measure to address the issue under consideration is clearing the wireless networks in the Network and Internet settings. By accessing this setting, the user can remove the undesired or malfunctioning networks through the “Remove” setting. Clearing the clutter is the most workable measure to address the issue.

How is Clutter Cleared for Addressing the issue of Laptop disconnecting from the WiFi

The step-wise guide to clear the clutter for the sake of resolving the issue of laptop disconnecting from the WiFi is given hereunder.

  • Go to the Setting option in the laptop.
  • Then access Network and Internet.
  • Then click on WiFi.
  • Then proceed to Manage Unknown Networks.
  • Here locate, highlight and remove the unknown networks.
  • The final step is to restart the laptop and check if the removed networks are being shown again. Usually, these networks do not pop up again.

Bottom Line

The most important consideration to prevent the laptop from disconnecting repeatedly is to keep an adequate check of the maintenance and proper functioning of the software as well as hardware of the laptop.

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