What Channel Is TBS On Spectrum – Channel Guide

What Channel is TBS on Spectrum? When you are in Yuma, Arizona, TBS is on channel 38, in New York City, and in Chipley, Virginia, it is on channel 8104 and 1112, respectively. TBS in New York City and Chipley come on the western version of the channel. Everyone’s wish to do after work is to lounge on their sofa and binge-watch their favorite shows on tv. A good comedy sitcom can be stress relieving and a good laugh will make you relax after a long day’s work.

What Channel is TBS?

TBS (Turner Broadcasting System) is a television network in the USA owned by Warner Bros. Discovery U.S. Networks. The American tv channel offers shows that focus on comedy, sports events, and wrestling matches from AEW Dynamite. Since they focus on comedy, the network broadcasts original sitcoms as well as previous sitcoms that can be rewatched by their subscribers. TBS runs these shows during the daytime, evening, and overnight.

The network airs on different channels on various cable subscriptions. However, if you are not subscribed to any cable network, you can watch shows aired by TBS using a live streaming service. TBS also comes on its west version to cater to the audiences located in Western America.

What Channel is TBS on Spectrum? – Channel Guide

Spectrum TV is available in 40 states and comes in different channels. The channel number of TBS depends on the area of the Spectrum subscriber. When you are in Yuma, Arizona, TBS is on channel 38, in New York City, and in Chipley, Virginia, it is on channel 8104 and 1112, respectively. TBS in New York City and Chipley come on the western version of the channel.

Spectrum is one of the largest cable networks that provide coaxial cable service in the USA. The cable provider company is used by most Americans since it comes at low prices without any contract policy.

Spectrum TV plans are available in different packages that bundle your favorite networks and TBS is included in all packages that they offer. Their English language plan is called Spectrum TV Select, there are more than 125 cable channels that start at $49.99 per month for 12 months.

If you like to add more premium channels, you may upgrade your current plan and choose which package your family wants. The cost of each package depends on the channels included,

City, StateTBS Channel NumberTBS Channel Number Western Version
Yuma, Arizona38No
New York City, New YorkNo8104
Los Angeles, California41No
Chipley, VirginiaNo1112

How to Get TBS on Spectrum?

Spectrum TV subscribers can access more than 500 hours of various content from Turner which can be accessed via mobile app or online.

To access TBS, you must be a subscriber of TBS from your Spectrum TV cable subscription. Log in using your username and password. If you are in an area where live streaming can be accessed, you can watch on TBS while on a live stream.

The Turner Network app needs to be downloaded and installed from the app store. Once downloaded, open your app, accept the terms, and sign in. Choose Spectrum TV as your service provider and enter your Spectrum login credentials.

Top Popular Shows to Watch on TBS

As mentioned earlier, sitcoms and other genres that were aired in the previous years such as Friends, The Big Bang Theory, Your Family or Mine, Miracle Workers, Final Space, and American Dad.

  1. American Dad: Is an animation series made by Seth MacFarlane which focuses on the CIA operative Stan Smith. His works have been interfering with his family life and this animation talks about how Americans deal with issues between their work and home.
  2. Miracle Workers: Is also a comedy series available on TBS which focuses on Craig, a worker from heaven who handles all the prayers from humans on earth. But every time someone prayed, he always grant the prayers wrongly since he does not understand every wish often.
  3. Final Space: Is another comedy series which is written by Olan Rogers. It belongs to the science-fiction genre were an astronaut wants to find out what happened to his father. He is with Mooncake, his alien friend, and is set to save the earth from a total wipeout.

What Channel is TBS on Dish?

TBS can be watched on Dish on channel 139. It is available on Dish’s 4 plans which start from $69.99 up to $104.99 per month. All plans come with a free DVR and Google Voice remote.

Since Dish and TBS are both TV networks that broadcast sports events, Dish is not the home of MLB Playoffs which are aired in an exceptional HD quality and surround sound.

To start watching your favorite sitcoms on TBS, set up your Dish TV by watching the 30-minute instructional video which will guide you on how to enjoy the new services from Dish.

To change the channel into TBS, use the number buttons if you know the exact channel number or use the program guide by pressing Guide then channel up or down. If your TV is black or blue, your TV might be on the wrong input. Usually, it should be set on HDMI1.

There is a pre-programmed list that has been set on default by Dish. If you want to browse all the channels. You may choose ALL CHAN, for the channels that you have subscribed to, choose ALL SUB, and choose ALL HD to show all HD channels.

Channel NameChannel Number
TBS Channel on Dish139

What Channel is TBS on DirecTV?

If you are new to DirecTV, a long list of channels is available whether your choice is news, sports, movies, sitcoms, or family-friendly channels.

TBS is one of the most popular networks available on DirecTV. Perfect for someone who needs a good dose of laughter and action-packed sports shows. TBS comes on all subscription packages offered by DirecTV. You can choose something that has the channels you are interested in. DirecTV plans start at $64.99 with more than 200 channels and up to $134.99 that has more than 400 channels.

With DirecTV’s bundles, you may enjoy TBS with other interesting channels. If you want to binge-watch all night, you can switch to channel 247 to get the best shows on TBS.

Channel NameChannel Number
TBS Channel on DirecTV247

Need More Information TBS on DirecTV: What Channel Is TBS On DirecTV.

What Channel is TBS on Optimum?

Like the other cable network providers, TBS comes on different channels depending on the area. For Connecticut, Long Island, New York, and New Jersey subscribers, TBS can be watched on channel 39.

Optimum cable is also one of the big names that provide a wide range of TV channels – sports, movies, comedies, dramas, news, and other genres. Plans available on Optimum start on a basic plan and can be upgraded to a premium plan. Both of these plans have a TBS channel on their lineup. Having more than 420 channels can be difficult for someone who does not memorize the channels.

Channel NameChannel Number
TBS Channel on Optimum39

What Channel is TBS on Xfinity?

TBS HD can be found on channel 1434 of Xfinity. Another well-known network provider in the USA, Xfinity has a lot of entertaining channels for every subscriber. Formerly known as Comcast Cable, Xfinity also has a streaming service that has no additional payment on top of the plan. With this, you can watch TBS anywhere and anytime.

Compared to other cable providers, Xfinity offers plans which start at $30 per month with more than 10 channels. These are the most basic ones that can be watched on almost all cable providers. Xfinity’s highest plat costs $84.99 which includes more than 260 channels including premium channels such as HBO Max Channel, EPIX Channel, Showtime Channel, Hitz, and TMC.

Channel NameChannel Number
TBS HD Channel on Xfinity1434

What Channel is TBS on Antenna?

Since TBS is not a local station, it will not be available if you are using an antenna on your tv. However, you may still watch TBS on Hulu, Youtube TV, Sling, and Sling Orange.

If you are using an antenna, you will be able to get the local channels without spending money on your monthly subscription. With a good antenna, you will be able to get the over-the-air signals of the tv networks. Live news and sports can still be watched.

What Channel is TBS on Local TV?

Since TBS is not available if you are using an antenna, you will not be able to watch the comedies and sports shows available on TBS.

Is TBS App Free?

TBS app comes free on PlayStore for Android and App Store on iPhone. By downloading the app, you will be able to watch and enjoy the shows anytime, anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Channel is TBS on Roku?

Since Roku is a streaming device, you only need to download and activate TBS using the TBS Channel activation code.

What Channel is TBS on Fios?

You can find TBS on Fios under channel 552.

Channel NameChannel Number
TBS Channel on Fios552

Where can I Watch the TBS Channel?

Aside from your chosen cable provider, you can also watch TBS shows and movies on live streaming.

What Channel is TBS on Cablevision?

Those who are subscribed to Cablevision’s digital cable, TBS can be watched on channel 739.

Channel NameChannel Number
TBS Channel on Cablevision739

Final Word

TBS can be a good stress reliever due to the comedies it has been offering. It will also give you a nostalgic feeling since you can rewatch old sitcoms on TBS. Since it is available on major cable providers, you do not need to get TBS as an additional channel since this is already included in the deals and packages offered by the cable providers.