What Channel is Oxygen on DirecTV – 2023 Channel Guide

Women empowerment and television dramas at the same time? Yes! It’s right, and this channel offers a lot of true-to-life screenplays that may tackle different issues on our women today.

If you like to know more about this channel, keep on reading.

What is Oxygen Channel

Oxygen, also known for its title called “Oxygen True Crime”, is a cable tv network in the United States handled by NBCUniversal media. Oxygen channel focuses on producing real crime dramas and series directed at women.

Oxygen channel started to air women crime television series on January 1, 2000. However, the NBC Universal sale launched on February 2, 2000. This channel was established and organised by the three known women in the industry: Geraldine Laybourne, the founder and CEO, talk show interviewer Oprah Winfrey, and media manager Marsey Carsey. These three women founders are recognised to have a victorious path in media and television.

Sounds interesting, right? But are you wondering, what channel is the oxygen channel on DirecTV?

What Channel is Oxygen on DirecTV – 2023 Channel Guide

Oxygen is on DirecTV channel 251. We all want to sit back, relax, and watch a good show at the end of the day. However, finding a preeminent television cable provider can be stressful. That is why DirecTV offers the Oxygen channel to their service subscribers. High definition? Lots of channels to choose from? Quality service? DirecTV is here!

DirecTV is a streaming cable and satellite television channel in America. Their cable company started offering a service on June 17, 1994, and it covers different television homes in the areas of the U.S., Latin America, and California. Curious where to find the Oxygen channel on DirecTV? You can find it on channel 251 on DirecTV, and you can watch this channel in a high definition resolution.

Oxygen channel has a wide variety of shows and television series aimed at all-female watchers. Everyone loves a true-crime drama series, and we are for the intense and suspenseful kind of feeling when watching a crime show. You can also enjoy docudramas, movies, and other soap operas on the Oxygen channel. You can also find oxygen channels on the DirecTV Stream.

In addition, you can watch all your favourite female-focused shows by subscribing to the DirecTV Stream package for only 94.99 US dollars per month. No time to watch? Missed your favourite Oxygen channel tv show? Or do you want to watch a particular favourite episode of yours? Worry no more, as DirecTV stream also offers their cable subscribers the privilege to record their favourite shows, series, and movies and store it in their Cloud storage for 20 hours. Convenient right?

The Oxygen channel is currently producing thirty-five (35) movies and series. One example of their film is the Kim Kardashian West: The justice project. A criminal documentary movie about the famous Kardashian daughter in which she tackles using her platform and influence to promote the improvement of criminal justice. As we know, Kim Kardashian-West is a law student planning on opening a law firm concerning the sentence and penitentiary amendment.

That is one of the interesting shows Oxygen channel has. They also are planning to release nine (9) series and movies to come. Great, right? Now that you know what channel is Oxygen on DirecTV, you may check it now and make sure to tune it at channel 251 on DirecTV.

Channel NameChanel Number
Oxygen Channel251

Where can I Watch Oxygen Channel Shows

But what if I don’t have DirecTV HD or DirecTV Stream? Where can I watch Oxygen channel shows?

The Oxygen channel offers many good shows, and you can also stream them on different streaming show platforms.

Below are the different streaming services where you can find the Oxygen channel;

1. Hulu

Hulu Live TV is also known for the term ‘Hulu‘, is one of the well-known streaming application services in which you can find a lot of good shows, and guess what? Oxygen channel is part of their streaming routine.

Hulu partnered with NBCUniversal and Walt Disney Company on the year they founded it in 2007. As time went by, Hulu upgraded on having an application subscription for their tech service providers and sooner established their own Hulu original shows.

Hulu’s subscription fee is free for seven days, and if you want to continue, you will be subscribing for 64.99 US dollars a month.

2. FuboTV

Even though they are focused on previewing sports live shows, fuboTV also offers Oxygen shows and movies. fuboTV can provide 90 different channels that everyone in the family can enjoy.

FuboTV is free for a seven-day trial, and you will be paying 64.99 US dollars monthly.

3. Sling TV

Sling TV offers live television and the most wanted shows on the go. By subscribing to their Sling TV Blue lifestyle, you can now watch your Favourite series on the Oxygen channel anytime and anywhere.

Sling TV Blue lifestyle is 41 U.S. dollars per month.

4. Youtube TV

The YouTube application is a much easier way to watch the Oxygen channel. Of course, everyone knows about YouTube, a streaming application where you can find music videos, movies and their trailers, vlogs, and other random videos on the internet.

Now, YouTube upgraded its platform to a more versatile way. They now offer YouTube TV. and YouTube Premium for 64.99 dollars a month. In addition, you can access all their 60 channels, including the Oxygen channel.

With all of the streaming platforms and applications mentioned, you now have a wide variety of choices and alternatives to watch your favourite true-crime series on the Oxygen channel.

Still, you can download the Oxygen channel application available on Apple Store for apple gadgets and Play Store or Google Store for Android gadgets.


Now that you know what channel is Oxygen on DirecTV, you can now watch your current stream movies live and binge-watch your favourite shows again to bring back the nostalgic feeling. Discovering your inner woman in you is so fun while watching the Oxygen channel series on DirecTV HD. channel 251. You can also stream it on different subscription series providers.

We hope that this article helps you find what channel is the oxygen channel on DirecTV and provides you with different alternatives to stream it. Empower a woman in you by watching Oxygen shows, series, and movies.

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