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What Channel Is Court TV On DirecTV? – Channel Guide 2022

What channel is court tv on DirecTV? Court TV is a former American television channel on cable TV 8 which airs crime documentaries, legal talk shows, and TV coverage of criminal case hearings. Through this channel, American households can watch and get an update on courtroom happenings. Audiences can watch Court TV through their local cable and satellite providers, streaming providers, video platforms, and online via a web browser.

The channel was first introduced to television in 1991. Which became TruTV and was relaunched in 2019 under Katz Broadcasting which is a subsidiary of the E.W. Scripps Company. As it relaunched, it became a digital broadcast network. Since it is now under Scripps, it aimed to provide better information to its viewers.

What Channel is Court TV on DirecTV? – Channel Guide 2022

Unfortunately, Court TV is not yet available on DirecTV. It is now that channel that is not carried by DirecTV. With limited space on the network’s satellite, it may have a lot of technical and paperwork to add sub-channels such as Court TV on the said entertainment provider.

If you like to watch shows which are similar to those aired by Court TV, you may try watching on Justice Central HD on Channel 383.

Though Court TV is not available on DirecTV, you can also watch TruTV, which was the re-branded channel of Court TV. It can be watched on channels 246 and 269. However, TruTV does not mainly focus on crime documentaries and TV shows, but it airs TV programs that are focused on reality shows and comedy programs.

How to Watch Court TV? – Tips to Watching

1) Watching using OTA

If you are not subscribed to any entertainment services, you may try setting up a TV antenna to watch Court TV for free. In May 2019, it became an over-the-air network in different areas around the USA. You can check out the antenna channel of Court TV through your website by going to their website.

2) Watching Court TV’s Local Affiliates

If you are in a state where cable and satellite subscription is available. You can visit Court TV’s website to check if there are local cable or satellite providers available in your area. On their website, they have listings of their affiliates and which channel Court TV is available per area. This applies to o both cable service and satellite providers.

3) Watch It On YouTube TV

The easiest way to watch shows on Court TV is through YouTube TV. Even without a cable subscription, the shows aired are the same as those broadcasted on the tv channel. Compared to a cable subscription, subscribing to YouTube TV is more convenient since you do not have to sign a contract and there will be no installation of wires needed.

With only $64.99 a month, you will be able to access Court TV as well as other channels. You will be able to use YouTube TV anytime you want, even watching on a mobile phone.

Also, they only have a single plan so you will not be confused about which plan to subscribe on. The available plan has an unlimited DVR space in case you want to record episodes and shows aired on Court TV. It can also be used on different brands of supported devices and can be simultaneously watched on up to 3 devices.

4) Watching It On Roku

Aside from YouTube TV, you can also watch episodes and clips via Roku. With Roku, you need to be subscribed to the streaming service to watch Court TV. Just download the streaming app and add Court TV to your channels. Once finished, you may now enter your login details and search for Court TV on the app to start watching.

If you have not subscribed yet, you may check the tv guide of Roku to access other channels that are available without any subscription.

5) Watching It On Apple TV

Almost all tv channels that are available on other streaming services are available on Apple TV. If you want to watch Court TV, you just need to download the streaming app to get the channel.

If you have not subscribed to streaming services yet, you can download them on Apple TV. Once done, just use your login credentials and search for Court TV to start watching.

6) Watching It On Amazon FireStick

Before you can use the FireStick, you need to plug it in first on your television. Since you will not watch it directly from the FireStick, you have to download the streaming service you are currently subscribed to. Make sure the one you will be installing has Court TV from their channel listing. One of the most common apps that you can download is YouTube TV.

7) Watching It On Samsung TV

You can watch Court TV on a Samsung TV through a pre-installed app called Samsung TV Plus. From there, you will be able to access Court TV without any cost.

If it has not been listed yet on your Samsung TV plus, you may easily find Court TV on Samsung Smart Hub and download it from there. Once done, you may now watch Court TV on Samsung TV Plus after logging in to your credentials.

8) Catch Episodes on Other Platforms

Aside from streaming services, you may also watch current and past episodes of Court TV shows on various video platforms, smart TVs, and audio stations.

Audacy, an audio platform, lets you listen to the show that is currently airing and live on Court TV.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Channel will Court TV be on DirecTV?

Unfortunately, Court TV is not available on DirecTV yet.

Can I Court TV for free?

Yes. You may use the free trials from streaming services that have Court TV or you may use an over-the-air antenna to get the channel.

Is Court TV and TruTV the same?

No. Court TV has been rebranded as TruTV and is not airing the same shows.


Though Court TV is not available on DirecTV, there are also other ways to watch it and some come free to use. If you are =currently subscribed to a streaming service, just check it on their channel listing to start watching.