What Channel Does SmackDown Come On DirecTV

WWE SmackDown is one of WWE’s (World Wrestling Entertainment) flagship weekly television broadcasts. It first aired in 1999 and has remained a staple of WWE programming for over 20 years.

SmackDown features stars from the WWE roster, including top superstars like Roman Reigns, Drew McIntyre, Sasha Banks, and more. Each week the superstars compete in various matches, continue ongoing storylines and feuds, and entertain the WWE Universe.

Over the years, SmackDown has aired on several different networks, most recently moving to air live on Friday nights on FOX beginning in October 2019. With the move to a major broadcast network, SmackDown has seen increased viewership and reach.

What Channel is SmackDown on for DirecTV Subscribers?

For DirecTV customers, SmackDown airs on:

FOX Channel

SmackDown is carried on the main FOX local affiliate channel for DirecTV subscribers. So if your local FOX station is channel 5, you would tune to channel 5 on Friday nights at 8 PM local time to watch SmackDown live.

The channel number will vary depending on your location and which FOX affiliate serves your region. But SmackDown will always be found on the main FOX channel on Friday nights.

USA Network (for reruns)

While SmackDown airs live on FOX on Fridays, throughout the week there are reruns of recent SmackDown episodes that air on USA Network for DirecTV customers.

These are usually condensed 90-minute versions of the previous week’s SmackDown that serve as a way to catch up on any action you may have missed.

USA Network is typically channel 242 for most DirecTV subscribers. So you can tune to channel 242 most nights of the week to see reruns of the latest SmackDown episodes.

Other Potential Networks

On very rare occasions, SmackDown may get preempted on FOX due to sports or other network commitments. When that happens, WWE will usually shift the live airing of SmackDown that week to another network.

Potential backup options have included:

  • Syfy (channel 244 on DirecTV)
  • FS1 (channel 219 on DirecTV)
  • Local FOX Sports Networks

So if on any given Friday you tune to FOX and don’t see SmackDown airing, check one of those alternate channels to see if they are airing it live instead due to a preemption on FOX.

What Time Does SmackDown Air on DirecTV?

The time SmackDown airs depends on whether you are watching the live broadcast or a rerun:

Live Broadcast

  • Airs Friday nights at 8 PM local time
  • This is when SmackDown airs live on your local FOX affiliate channel


  • Usually air nightly on USA Network at 8 PM ET (check listings for exact time in your area)
  • These are 90-minute condensed versions of the previous week’s episode

So for the most part, 8 PM is the key time to know for catching SmackDown on DirecTV. Live on Friday nights at 8 PM local on FOX, or reruns at 8 PM ET throughout the week on USA Network.

How to Record or Live Stream SmackDown on DirecTV

If you can’t watch SmackDown live on Friday nights, DirecTV offers a few great options to either record episodes or stream them on demand:

DVR Recording

Most DirecTV set-top boxes come equipped with DVR capability to record shows to watch later. Just set your DVR box to record SmackDown every Friday night on your local FOX channel. Then you can watch the episodes later at your convenience.

DirecTV On Demand

There is an On Demand section on DirecTV that allows you to stream recent SmackDown episodes. Usually the last 5-6 episodes are available at any time on demand. Just go to the On Demand menu and select SmackDown to watch past episodes.

FOX Sports App

You can also stream SmackDown via the FOX Sports app on mobile devices and streaming players. As long as you have a valid DirecTV login, you can access the live FOX feed on Friday nights plus replays of recent episodes.

What Can You Expect to See on SmackDown?

As WWE’s flagship Friday night show, SmackDown delivers some of the biggest stars and best action in WWE on a weekly basis. Here’s a brief overview of what you can expect to see during any given episode of SmackDown on DirecTV:

  • Top champions like Roman Reigns, Charlotte Flair, The Usos and more in marquee matches
  • Continuation of ongoing storylines and feuds between the WWE superstars
  • Squash matches featuring jobbers against top talents
  • Occasional title matches to crown new champions
  • Promos and interviews advancing rivalries
  • Surprise appearances by WWE legends and Hall of Famers
  • Contract signings, confrontations and pull-aparts between feuding stars
  • Recaps of the previous week’s events and matches

So tune in every Friday night to catch the hard-hitting in-ring action, dramatic entertainment and exciting surprises that SmackDown delivers to DirecTV subscribers on a weekly basis.

Why Fans Love SmackDown

There are several key reasons why WWE SmackDown has remained a fan-favorite show for over 20 years:

  • Top WWE Superstars – SmackDown features main event talents like Roman Reigns, Ronda Rousey, Drew McIntyre, The Usos and more that fans love to watch.
  • Unique Brand – With its own distinct storylines and championships, SmackDown stands out from WWE’s other shows.
  • In-Ring Action – Each week delivers hard-hitting and entertaining matches between top talents.
  • Live Format – Airing live every Friday night adds energy and unpredictability.
  • Dramatic Entertainment – Ongoing storylines and feuds between larger-than-life personalities provide drama outside the ring.
  • Memorable Moments – SmackDown has hosted some of WWE’s most iconic matches and moments over the years.

For pro wrestling fans, SmackDown continues to be a “can’t miss” two hours of sports entertainment every Friday night on DirecTV.

In Conclusion

To summarize key points:

  • SmackDown airs live every Friday at 8 PM local time on the FOX channel for DirecTV subscribers
  • Throughout the week, reruns air on USA Network, usually at 8 PM ET
  • Use your DirecTV box to record episodes on a DVR or stream recent episodes on demand
  • Matches, storylines, characters and more make SmackDown a flagship show for WWE

So be sure to tune in to catch all the action and entertainment on the longest running weekly episodic TV show currently on air – WWE SmackDown on DirecTV!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Here are some common FAQs about watching WWE SmackDown on DirecTV:

What channel is SmackDown on for DirecTV?

SmackDown airs live on your local FOX affiliate channel. For reruns, check USA Network.

What time does SmackDown come on DirecTV?

The live show airs Fridays at 8 PM local time. Reruns usually air on USA Network at 8 PM ET.

How can I watch SmackDown if I miss it live?

Use your DVR to record SmackDown on FOX each week. You can also stream recent episodes on demand via the DirecTV platform.

Does DirecTV offer SmackDown in HD?

Yes, SmackDown is available in HD on both FOX and USA Network for DirecTV subscribers with HD service.

What if SmackDown gets preempted on FOX one week?

WWE may shift the live airing to another channel like Syfy or FS1 for a week. Check listings if it’s not on FOX.

Can I live stream SmackDown with my DirecTV subscription?

Yes, you can stream SmackDown live or on demand via the FOX Sports app using your DirecTV login credentials.

How far back can I watch episodes on demand?

Typically the last 5-6 episodes of SmackDown are available in the DirecTV On Demand library.

Who are the current SmackDown champions?

Top champions as of November 2023 include Roman Reigns, Ronda Rousey, The Usos, and more. Titles change frequently!

Is SmackDown live or pre-recorded?

WWE SmackDown airs live every Friday night on FOX. The reruns on USA Network are edited versions of the live broadcast.