Best Unlimited Internet Plans for Rural Areas in 2023

Occasionally, Large ISPs ignore and let go rural areas given that the value of setting up infrastructure in the area is unprofitable. In return, the clients in these residents opt to depend on unreliable connections of satellite internet. Introduction of 4G and LTE come in handy.

Rural internet service providers have come in the lime light, with MVNOs (mobile virtual network operators) by getting on board to provide reliable internet connections to residents with no choice.

Now that the mooring mast in rural have not been fully exploited, MVNOs have opted to use these infrastructures since they don’t own any, by utilising the telecommunication masts for provision of 4G LTE internet connections to the subscribers within the area of coverage.

What are the Best Unlimited High Speed Internet Plans for Rural Areas

4G LTE home internet plans are some of the best unlimited wireless internet plans you can get in rural areas. Many 4G LTE service plans give you unlimited data at steady speeds of about 25Mbps. Verizon’s LTE Home Internet plan is one of the best home WiFi deals. It’s $40 per month for people who are bundling internet service with a cell phone plan.

For folks who aren’t using Verizon as their mobile carrier, it’s still only $60 per month. This gives you unlimited data at typical 4G LTE download speeds of about 25Mbps. T-Mobile offers another hot deals at $60 for unlimited LTE home internet.

Is There Any Option for Rural Areas to Get Internet Access

It is possible that some rural internet providers will be a better fit for your different needs than others, if you have the option. There are 3 types of internet connection that are available the most widely in rural areas: DSL, Cable, or Satellite.

The fiber-optic option is not the most readily available option, but it may still be an option depending on where you live. Cellular hotspot internet and dial-up are also available in rural areas, although there may be a cost associated with doing so. Let’s take a look at what we recommend in general.

  1. Cable Internet: Our first choice is cable internet because it offers the fastest speeds and (usually) the most data at a low cost. Unfortunately, it’s not available in a lot of remote areas, and if it is available in your area, you’ll probably have to pay a lot more for it than your city-slicking neighbors.
  2. Fiber Internet: There are several different options available for fiber-optic internet, fiber-optic internet is one of the fastest and most reliable options available for internet access. However, it does not seem to be as widely available as cable, DSL, or satellite may be. As a result, most ISPs, such as Kinetic by Windstream, are actively working on the development of the infrastructure necessary to bring this option to more rural areas. You may be able to get fiber-optic internet one day even if it is not currently available where you live right now.
  3. DSL Internet: There is no doubt that DSL is older and slower than cable, but it is still one of the best choices due to the cheaper prices and potentially higher data caps compared to satellite internet. In addition to being more widely available, DSL is also available in rural parts of the country. However, beware: many Internet service providers are phasing out their DSL Internet services.
  4. Satellite Internet: In addition to satellite internet, although it is not our first choice because of its high prices and low data caps, satellite internet reaches more rural and remote areas than any other type of internet connection. If satellite is the only option you have, you can be sure that it is still a great internet option for the country regardless of your location.
  5. Fixed Wireless: As a newer technology, fixed wireless is just when its availability is ramping up. Even so, its prices tend to be a lot lower than what satellite internet service providers charge, and some fixed wireless providers even offer unlimited data plans.
  6. Mobile Hotspot: you can use a mobile hotspot if you need to be connected to the internet temporarily while trekking through the wilderness. It’s possible that you already have hotspot data included in your current cell phone plan, so you wouldn’t need to pay extra. If you use all your data allowance, you’ll be faced with sluggish speeds and limited data allowances. In the event that you notice your phone speed is slow, there are a few things you can do to improve your connection speed.

How do we do it

In essence, NoLimitData is a membership organisation that provides its members with Unlimited, Uncapped Wireless Data. Every carrier offers unlimited data plans but the public simply does not have access to these plans.

Because of the bulk purchasing we do, we are able to offer our members discounted rates on data plans. If you join NoLimitData, you become part of our online community that is dedicated to providing you with fast and reliable data connections that are unlimited and dependable.

7 Best Unlimited Internet Plans for Rural Areas in 2023

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1) Unlimited LTE Data

Unlimited LTE Data provides 4G LTE internet on T-Mobile network, smartphones alongside modems and hotspots. They are requested to pay between $99 to $179.98,

MBPS (Megabytes Speed Per Second)

However, as much as they have indicated the services are unlimited, it comes with limited soft data package. When subscribers consume data above the set limit of 50GB, the speed becomes slow during the peak hours. Precedence is offered to the users within the set limit for they do not get affected by reduced speed.


Infinite LTE has a single data package with available discounts to long term prepaid subscribers.

Cost of the Data Package

The Unlimited Data package costs $69.99 per month which is further broken down with discounted long term plan as follows;

  • Three Months pre-payment of $194.97 in total is discounted to $64 against $69.99 Monthly payments.
  • Six Moths pre- payment of $359.94 in total is discounted to $64.99 against $69.99 Monthly payments.
  • Sim card option costs $79.99 payable on Monthly basis.
  • The subscription is not offered on contract basis.
  • RVers comes with an advantage to several mobile brands with the long term subscription discounts to clients.
  • Limited through soft data.
  • Not the best choice for online streaming and gamers.
  • The client is not able to do cost evaluations since the average speed is not indicated.

2) Buddy System

  • Buddy System has No contracts with AT&T therefore; their capacity is exceedingly limited as far as service provision is concerned.
  • Clients sign up after connection which is a unique facility by the providers.
  • Buddy system only provides AT&T routers meaning the clients are required to buy an AT&T- compatible SIM card, when it comes to hardware.
  • It is worth noting customer care services are limited to one email and it does not specify the working hours which is a great disadvantage.

How Much Does it Cost of Speed Buddy System

This MVNOs plan goes for $65 per Month and does not have data restrictions through limited soft or hard data. Buddy system supplies a one Week trial session with a total refund should the services fail to meet the client’s expectations. However, the SIM card and modem are not refundable since they are bought from different suppliers.

  • Very cost friendly.
  • No data limits to subscribers.
  • Lack of transparency in the details.
  • Limited performance.
  • Do not supply SIM cards and modems.

3) Unlimited Advance

Unlimited advance have partnered with T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T for various provisions. Willing Subscribers should check the signal strength of every porter within the coverage area.

This enables them to make a choice that gives value for money in terms of signal strength, quality, speed and dormancy. It is advisable to start with the least expensive.

How Much Does it Cost of Unlimited Advance?

The price depends on the porter in each location and they have three categories to choose from. The lowest price chargeable rate is $99.99 per month for the fortunate clients within this coverage area. The rest may up to $199.99 per Month which is the most expensive rate.

It is worth noting mobile hotspots and routers are outsourced from other sellers and their prices range from $9.99 to $149.99. They also offer a two weeks trial period with refund for non-performance but the outsourced devices are not refundable to their suppliers. 

Speed of Unlimited Advance

The unlimited advance is among the few MVNOs that quotes speed ranging between 20Mbps and 50Mbps. The speed may increase if the subscriber is close to the unobstructed mast. The keyword is that they are not unlimited as quoted, since they have a policy of lowering the speed to reduce extreme data over use.

  • Extra ordinary coverage.
  • High speed.
  • No commitment through contacts.
  • Exorbitant routers for purchase.
  • Extreme costs on Monthly rates which may increase subsequently depending on the carriers.
  • Controlled speed.
  • Devices are not refundable after purchase.

4) Unlimited MetroPolis

Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T are the main mobile conveyer used by Unlimited Metropolis’ four plans.

How Much Does it Cost of Unlimited MetroPolis Internet

They mainly deals with long term subscribers who frequently use their services. The clients are expected register by paying a fee of $249 for membership, as a one off payment. Once the clients stop accessing their services they register with the same amount should they wish to resume back as members. Prices begin from $99 and they provide the hotspot and router devices. Monthly rates fall between $150 to $249.

They are not entirely unlimited as the name states since they have soft caps that range from 200GB to 500GB. However, it is much better than majority carriers but also has a soft broadband cap. Once the clients exceeds 500GB limit severally, the Monthly fee is raised to $500 Any client willing to subscribe to the service is allowed to do a 14 day access and it starts from the day of installation and subscription.

Should the client feel the deal is not worth it, they get a refund of both one of registration fee and Monthly subscription fee.

  • No bidding contracts.
  • The limits are flexible and very informative.
  • Very expensive Monthly rates.
  • Installation procedures are very costly.
  • Short term clients cannot access.

5) Broadband Q

98% of the residents in the United States of America have Broadband Q as their internet provider that offers LTE and 4G internet services. They offer a 10 day trial period with a refund of total activation cost and all amount paid should it not perform. The current obstacle is to get their services online since the procedure requires the client to wait for them to call back after filling out personal details.

How Much Does it Cost of Broadband Q

Broadband Q plans range from $99 Month, but they are limited providers though not all. The plans depend on the data provisions: 30GB, 50GB or Unlimited that comes with a high cost. That notwithstanding, They offer unlimited services for all their plans and do not allow streaming above 480p in the plan. However, it applies to permitted subscribers.

In case the subscriber exceeds the data limit through extreme usage, charges hike to approximately $10 per GB. The gadget’s activation fee of $199 is also very costly. They don’t give the specifications of the modem but it consoles to know that it comes with a two year guarantee manufacturer warranty.

  • The subscription is not contract based.
  • Outstanding coverage.
  • Unlimited streaming(480p only).
  • Extra tasks like streaming have limited data.
  • Excess consumptions are costly.
  • Fully managed network.

6) UbiFi Lacking

UbiFi lacking has a reasonable Montly cost but uses a very expensive hardware. It is advisable to buy enhanced signals directly from them with a run test before buying; for evaluations before investing on one. It uses AT&T cell towers that provide high-speed 4G LTE internet.

How Much Does it Cost of UbiFi Lacking

The available Monthly plan charges $89.99 and is charged on a Monthly basis. There are no activation costs indicated on their website. It is possible to use their services for a free one month trial but during refund one pays a restocking fee of 15% of the money paid for plans and gadgets.

The equipment are expensive that costs $314.99 for gateway, $84.99 for Antennas and #399.99 for signal boosters. This is not convenient for poor signal residents.

Speed of UbiFi Lacking

Their plans are unlimited but they do not have a data cap. The speed goes down when one uses excess data. The limit of excess data is not indicated before they implement on this. However an email is sent to the subscriber for warnings.

It should be noted that regulating data usage is a demanding task but they clearly state that they have the right to terminate services in the event of data overuse. But it does not categorically state how much is too much. They also request for extra charges as a right. The best thing is to reach them out directly.

  • Extra ordinary coverage.
  • Pre testing of signal before purchase.
  • Costly installations.
  • Interruptions for major data consumers.
  • Lack of product knowledge on usage policies.

7) GotW3

The two North America’s major cell mobile operators namely; AT&T and T-Mobile operate with GotW3. They effectively offer signals from the nearest cell mast. Their routers are quite mobile which is the best choice for clients who are not stationed in one place.

How Much Does it Cost of GotW3

Whether in the urban or rural settlement, their Monthly plan goes for $109.99 per Month. $50 is deducted from the total amount paid should one wish to get a refund of the total payment. It comes with $25 reconnection fee should one wish to reclaim the account in future. The most demanding and expensive gadget is the router which goes for $227.49 and is paid one of.

Speed of GotW3

GotW3 do not specify their speed but indicate the service is not really gamer-friendly. They clearly state online gaming to bitcoin mining may face fines. Soft data caps are a thing to worry about that range from 300GB to 500GB per Month. However, they do not have overage fees. The speed is lowered once data cap is exceeded.

  • No provided data limits.
  • No binding contracts.
  • Access during mobility.
  • Very expensive router.
  • Not suitable for internet gaming.
  • Does not favour streaming.
  • Very limited speed.

Unlimited Internet Access for Rural Areas on a Reliable 4G LTE Network

You can experience our mobile WiFi hotspot devices and wireless routers for unlimited access to the Internet in rural areas. We offer unlimited 4G LTE WiFi devices, reliable data plans, and the ability to connect many devices, browse the internet, watch movies, and much more.

Bottom Line

It is worth noting, most of the 4G rural internet providers offer the best services. Most of them have some hidden costs which are disclosed later during the purchase procedures.

The Monthly fees that come with the installation and gadgets cost complicates the process since they are pre-paid and may go above $500. Rural clients may not have access to signal masts and it in turn restricts their access. Fortunately, several Companies have affordable routers.

The most disappointing long term aspect is the 4G rural internet providers who claim to provide unlimited data plans without the specifications on hard or soft data limitations. In the final analysis the client is left without a way to manage internet usage.

Frequently Asked Questions