Best Portable Satellite Internet

As clear from the name, satellite internet is the type of internet that uses space satellites for transmitting internet data. No cables or wires are required for running this type of internet like typical internet networks used at home.

To avail this kind of internet, you just have to click on the provided website while surfing. When you launch a request for satellite internet, it goes through the modem of your computer to the dish of satellite and then to your property. The beams of the dish you requested go through a geostationary communication satellite. Then satellite process your request toward a gateway station that is present on the ground, your request relays to the website. In response to this, you receive data.

As your request travels to space, therefore, response on request travels almost 44,500 miles back to you after your request covering the same distance, the delay or latency you experience is notable sometimes, especially when maximum people are using data on the same network. Despite all this, satellite internet is still much faster with great access than 4G/LTE internet, dial-up internet, and DSL internet. Satellite-based internet is also safe from natural disasters like hurricanes and fires that disturb the land-based internet.

Different Types of Portable Satellite Internet Systems

1) Flyaway Satellite Internet Systems

The Flyaway satellite systems are mobile antennas of satellite internet and for easy transportation, they have been rebuilt and installed into more than one part. Flyaway satellite internet antennas have all those things which are necessary for easy and quick deployment to get instant access to the internet from any place in the world.

Although these systems are portable, however, they don’t need to be lightweight, sometimes their weight per case can be more than 100 pounds. Based on antenna size, sometimes they are made up of more than one case.

2) BGAN Terminals

The size of BGAN Terminals is very small, most of them have the size of a laptop. They are easy to deploy within few minutes with global coverage of satellite internet. Although sometimes the speed of satellite internet is very fast, still it will meet your needs for receiving and sending emails and for simple web browsing.

Setting up BGAN Terminals is much simple, you just have to turn on BGAN and ensure its direction toward the satellite, connect the device which you are using with BGAN.

3) Satellite Phones

Satellite phones are a very important part of portable satellite internet systems because they keep your contact with the outside world, especially where there is no cellular phone coverage. Many satellite phone providers with the availability of satellite 66 Low Earth Orbit’s network and few geostationary satellites, provide global coverage.

Best Portable Internet Options

  • The best portable satellite internet for boating and recreational vehicle is the Verizon Mobile Hotspot.
  • In extreme external environments, the HUGHES 9550-C10 is the best.
  • During international travel, the Skyroam Solis is the best.
  • During the stay backcountry, the Iridium 9555 has no match.

Best Devices for Portable Satellite Internet

1) Motherboard Device of BGAN Portable Satellite

Motherboard devices have a higher speed of portable satellite internet and they allow video streaming and real-time broadcasting on a very little size of BGAN. These devices are specially designed for operation in extreme conditions.

2) IsatHub for 3G Satellite Wi-Fi Hotspots

These devices are more useful for an everyday average user, job site, traveler, and many more. With Wi-Fi terminals of IsatHub Satellite, you can connect more than ten devices including iPhone, Tablets, iPods, other Android tablets, and laptops through web address of the web interface.

You can connect with the control panel of satellite internet by dialing above mentioned address in any browser. Wi-Fi hotspot terminals of IsatHub give a connection of 3G with 384 kbps speed. This stable connection makes it easy for you to do whatever you normally do with tablets and smartphones.

It is pertinent to mention that these devices are affordable because the cost of the terminal and airtime is half that price of BGAN. All these things make these devices global, flexible, easy to use, and the most affordable terminals of portable satellite internet.

3) Fixed Broadband and Iridium Pilot Portable Land Station

Iridium Pilot portable land station is a new device, although it doesn’t have broadband speed, however, it has some other features like monthly plans, pole to pole coverage, and different speeds. On a tripod stand, they can be easily mounted for making the setting easier.

Portable Satellite Internet for Every Industry

1) Government

Natural disasters disrupt the access of people to important services. To restore this access as soon as possible rapid response teams continuously work. During natural disasters, every minute is precious and counted because the sometimes unstable connection of the internet cost lives due to disturbance in communication.

Different services provided as mobile heavily depend on communication through mobile satellite for provision of data, voice, and video during emergencies and large-scale events. Portable satellite internet help repaid response teams establishing a stable connection and finding solutions for the public’s safety. Mobile/portable satellite internet is ideal for:-

  • First Responders.
  • Agencies of Public Service.
  • Agencies at Local, State, and National levels.

2) Medical

Mobile health care units and clinics are deployed for the provision of basic health care services/facilities in those areas which are lacking traditional resources. In any outreach programs, these health care units and clinics are instrumental. They make it possible to reach an individual who is in need but doesn’t have transportation.

Besides health care services, these mobile health care units and vehicles can also help in other outreach programs like screening programs, health education, and corporate wellness. All these mobile units use portable satellite internet to connect with their main hospitals for getting access to the computer network, patient records, medical data, lab reports, and many more.

3) Banks

These days, banks are maintaining mobile branches for early deployments during festivals, sporting events, concerts, and any other venue located in far-flange areas. Mobile branches and their internet systems also provide access to disaster-hit areas that damaged houses and local communication networks.

Now traditional banking system is being replaced by mobile banking which is more cost-effective for providing services to rural markets or smaller areas. Equipped with portable satellite internet, mobile banking gets access to the secure network of the bank’s main branch for operating normal banking services.

4) Insurance

Insurance companies after any natural disaster or catastrophic event deploy their teams to help impacted members. Most of the time, insurance companies establish their Mobile Claims Centers having a portable satellite internet connection to assist policyholders, answer questions related to claims, and help in filing claims.

These Mobile Claim Centers of insurance companies are central point not only for their impacted members for speaking face-to-face but also work as Humanitarian efforts’ headquarters.

5) Enterprise

Applications related to business like VoIP, media streaming, and video conferencing require constant and stable internet connection. This stable connection is provided by portable satellite internet which makes sure that employees never disconnect from phone calls, emails, critical business applications, and video conferencing.

Portable satellite internet also provides access to data apps, videos, and high-quality streaming without interruption. Following are few business scenarios that get benefit from portable satellite internet:-

  • All those events and conferences require high bandwidth.
  • Office locations and rural expeditions.
  • Off-the-grid communications.

Pros and Cons of Portable Satellite Internet

  • It is accessible almost everywhere.
  • It provides quick recovery in a post-disaster scenario.
  • It is cost-effective.
  • It is almost available at all places, especially where DSL and cable internet are not available.
  • Bad weather can affect its service.
  • Its speed is slower than fiber or cable internet.
  • High latency due to which some activities are not possible like video gaming.

The Procedure of SetUp a Portable Satellite Internet

There are some processes which you have to perform while setting up portable satellite internet. It would be a bit difficult for you to perform them perfectly. Here is the description of some basic setups:-

1) Assembly of Dish

If you are starting with the assembly of the dish by yourself, you should have a tool kit for the dish assembly, a user manual because it will direct you to everything.

2) Modem Configuration

For the configuration of your computer modem, an Ethernet cable is required for connecting with the modem of the computer. Then you have to install software that will help in the configuration of the modem. You can make necessary changes as per your requirements during the configuration of the modem.

3) Web-Based Configuration

For web-based configuration, you have to install software that will establish the connection of the dish with satellite, and an internet connection will be established.

4) Point The Dish

When you will complete all processes mentioned above, you will have everything, however, a compass and the level tool would be required to point toward the satellite. Once you have done all settings, check and confirm a clear southern view of the sky. It is the fundamental principle that a portable satellite you are going to use for the internet would not inconvenience you.

Customers of Portable Satellite Internet

  • Journalists.
  • Mining and Energy.
  • Aid Organizations / Agencies.
  • Quick Response Teams for Disaster recovery.
  • Defense Organizations/agencies.
  • Temporary remote offices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can portable satellite internet is accessible in any country?

The use of portable satellite internet anywhere in the world is not possible, however, many companies like Project Kuiper and Starlink are launching international coverage.

Is this possible to transfer data and access the internet by using portable satellite internet?

Yes, it is possible, however, the type of data that you are going to transfer matters a lot. Transferring data of text is relevant than videos due to the slow speed of portable mobile satellite internet.

Will my satellite phone work properly?

Although your phone will work properly, however, an external antenna will add value to effective performance with a 75% sky view for good signal strength. Installation of antenna would in turn establish a good connection that will lead to effective performance.

Do other countries allow the use of portable satellite internet?

Not all but some countries allow internet access. Therefore, make sure that you have done complete homework with respect to the state’s stance on portable satellite internet before using it.

Final Word

It is not necessarily that portable satellite internet is only used for travelers, there are many events and conferences which required mobile satellite internet. In these days of the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of portable satellite internet has increased many folds due to virtual meetings, conferences, and classes which have become a custom.

Portable satellite internet also helps many utility companies, emergency response teams, and enterprises for running their matter and routine tasks in a matter of a minute. Some of those areas using mobile satellite internet include:-

  • Emergency Response and Public Safety.
  • Enterprises.
  • Business.
  • Oil and Gas.
  • Infrastructure.