How To Get Portable Satellite Internet For Camping? – Updated Guide

What comes to your mind when you hear the word camping? Tents, sleeping bags, bug spray, are always the most primary equipment required during camping. However, for internet lovers, Portable satellite internet is crucial when camping and in day-to-day activities.

If staying wired is your primary concern during camping, you should consider getting a portable satellite. You are not camping in the cities; the internet in many remote areas can be sketchy and may not be functional even if you carry your Smartphone or laptop.

Portable satellite internet are used for travelers and camping, and they require robust internet connectivity, which should be easily accessible. This type of internet is essential to those camping in remote areas where there is low internet connectivity.

Why Should You Stay Connected When Camping?

Internet has become part of our daily life. You can use the Internet to research various locations that you plan to visit. You can also use the Internet to get weather updates. Weather can affect your camping experience in a significant way. Staying updated on Weather expectations will help you to prepare appropriately when camping. Internet is also essential for entertainment to improve your camping experience.

You may also want to post your photos on the Internet during camping. Social media is critical to us nowadays. It is usual for you to want to update your friends and followers on your activities during the period. Sharing your moments through the Internet can be exciting and satisfying at the same time. It updates your friend and followers on your camping experience and gives them a chance to give their views on the same.

Keep you updated. Just because you are going camping does not mean you disconnect yourself from all your daily activities. You may need to check your work email or check different updates. You may also need to check on your employees and monitor a task being done. You do not have to disconnect with the world when you have a portable satellite, not for the smallest bait.

When you have a portable satellite, you will be able to transmit your location in an emergency. You may encounter some dangerous things during camping, such as animal attacks or natural disasters, and you may need your family or authorities to reach you. Not only does your satellite help you during an emergency, but it also helps you to transmit your GPS at a particular interval. Nobody hopes for accidents, but they are bound to happen from time to time. In case it happens, your satellite device will help you look for help.

How Does a Portable Satellite Internet Work?

Portable satellite works similarly to conventional satellite only that they are portable. Instead of fixing a piece of equipment in your residential place, you can carry the satellite device wherever you go camping. Depending on your service provider, you can get internet access in different ways. But in many cases, you are provided with the choice of using a portable satellite. Each piece of equipment is equipped with hardware that serves a specific need.

The hardware differs in size, power transmission, and modem type. The type of hardware in your device determines its efficiency and overall performance. Those satellites with large dishes give more power during data transmission, which leads to more bandwidth. A portable satellite is made of: the dish, modem, tripod satellite antennae, and hardware.

How to Get Portable Satellite Internet for Camping? – Updated Guide

A portable satellite is the best way of providing Internet when camping in rural areas. The satellites allow you to connect with solid signals to keep your devices connected with compatible providers. Many companies are manufacturing portable satellite devices, deciding to buy three devices overwhelming. However, with proper guidance, you should get an ideal device for your camping period. Here are some tips to guide you when buying a portable satellite internet.

1) Your Needs

Portable satellites are designed for different purposes. For example, you may want to get a device that connects many devices, especially camping as a group. You may also want to consider the device’s signal strength depending on where and what you intend to use it. You can also consider the size and brands that make the best quality devices. Your specific need will determine a lot about the device you are buying.

You may also need to check whether there is portable satellite reception in the area you are going camping. Since satellite devices broadcast at different frequencies, you may find that your device does not function in a particular area. If you plan to use the device away from your usual area, you should consider one of the significant points.

2) Performance

The performance of the equipment is critical. Before buying an antenna, analyze its specific features and setting to ensure that it performs as you need. Most antennae have an efficiency of up to 60 percent. Only 60 percent of the energy reaches the surface, while the other 40 percent is lost. However, there are some models with higher efficiency. Depending on the purpose of buying the satellite, you can consider a satellite with higher efficiency.

3) Size

Portable satellites are smaller compared to other indoor satellites. On many occasions, the actual device is always cased to give it a unique look. There are specific dishes that are made for outdoor activities such as hunting and camping. You must examine the size of your portable dish from different angles. When looking for a dish, the first thing to consider is whether you have enough space to accommodate a particular model. This is also crucial when buying a satellite to use when camping.

Ironically, small dishes tend to have more outstanding performance than bigger ones. Most manufacturers tend to emphasize the primary antennae because of their small surface area and large beams. Remember, when buying a portable satellite, you need a dish that will be easy to transport. Probably something that fits in your backpack. It should also be light for you to carry around during the camping period.

4) Connectors

Whether you are going to connect the satellite yourself or choose a professional to do it, ensure that your dish comes with all the necessary connectors. Without all the elements mounting the dish can be hard may lead to a dysfunctioning satellite. If you plan to use a model that doesn’t require an extension cord, you should choose a satellite with a long cable to connect to the power.

5) Your Budget

Your budget on the portable satellite will determine the type, size, and brand. The satellite differs in price, size, and functionality. You may also need to consider the purpose of your satellite to see if it suits your budget. However, different brands may sell similar devices at different prices. Don’t be fooled by price tags; not everything with a ridiculously high price tag is good, and not everything cheap is terrible. Some brands sell portable satellites at a reasonable price.

6) Seller’s Policy

Before making any purchase, ensure that you understand the seller’s policies on the product. You should try to find out if they accept returns or if they offer some after-sale services. It is also essential to choose a brand that helps you understand how to use your portable devices. Apart from providing you with the user’s manual, the company or the dealer should clarify for you where you do not understand.

Most companies give you an option to call them in case you get stuck. Warranty is another thing you should consider on the company’s policy. Some companies will give a warranty of up to two years. Make sure you buy your satellite from a company that gives you sufficient time to test the device.

7) Mobile or Outdoor

Satellite devices do not always require a big static antenna. You will realize some of the most effective devices have a small antenna. There are several models to cover a variety of needs. Mobility is one of the best features of portable satellites since you can move with them from place to place.

8) Power Requirements

Power consumption and its efficiency are essential things you should consider when buying a portable satellite. A suitable device should have a low power consumption rate and low failure. Another crucial feature of satellite devices is their speed and ease of assembly and disassembly. You do not need a complicated device when you go camping. It would help if you had the equipment to put together quickly and dismantle wherever you want to move to a new location.

While some people may not mind spending hours mounting their device that is not something you may want to make use of your camping time. Thanks to various manufacturers, portable satellites are easier to assemble. Also, when choosing a portable satellite dish, ensure that it contains an indicator that shows you the dish level. Some equipment has electronic reading, which addresses this issue.

How to Set Up a Portable Satellite Internet for Camping?

If you like camping or traveling a lot, installing Internet on your car using a portable satellite is vital. When setting up a portable satellite, be keen on positioning and direction to ensure that you have a good view of the sky. Before assembling your potable satellite, you may also need to scout around your camping area to get the best connectivity.

To install your satellite follow the following tips:

  1. Assemble the Dish: If you decide to assemble the dish yourself, you will find all the vital equipment such as the kit and other mounting necessities, and sometimes you find some extras such as compass and leveling equipment.
  2. Configuration: Connect the modem to your pc using an Ethernet cable. The cable helps you run the software to enable you to configure the modem and make changes depending on your location.
  3. Web Configuration: The satellite is equipped with web-like software that helps you to set the dish to receive the signal. This step involves writing your address into the URL that is available in your browser. The software will provide different instructions and steps to follow to pint the satellite properly.
  4. Point the Dish: Once you have all the numbers and the information from the web-based software, use the compass and the leveling tool to point the dish in the right direction.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Satellites Affected by Bad Weather?

Getting a good internet signal through a portable satellite can be challenging, especially if you leave in areas experiencing advanced weather conditions. Heavy rains can impact the strength of the satellite transmission signal; however, the challenge is limited to satellite equipment and other cables transmitting signals.

The raindrops can deflect the KU band when the rains are heavy, which affects the electromagnetic spectrum. Strong raindrops also can hit your antennae which also alters electromagnetic waves. Strong wind can also affect the electromagnetic waves directly. Snow and ice also have a significant impact on the functionality of your satellite.

Who is a Portable Satellite ideal for?

Portable satellites are primarily used in rural areas without or with poor internet connectivity. They are also ideal for individuals who like traveling and at the same time stay connected to the Internet. You can also use a portable satellite during camping to ensure that you don’t miss out a lot as you enjoy your vacation.

Where can I Purchase a Portable Satellite Internet?

The Satellite are readily available in the market it should easy for you to find your ideal dish in the shop near you. You can also check for satellite dish on Amazon.

How do I know a Good Portable Satellite Internet?

There are several brands manufacturing portable satellite and claiming that their product is of high quality .When choosing portable satellite for camping there are some primary features you should consider. A good portable satellite should have the following. Low Power consumption, strong signal strength and the size of the dish should be small.

Final Thought

Technology has been growing drastically, and everyone requires internet connectivity from wherever they are. When you go camping, you do not have to disconnect yourself from the world. You can stay connected using a satellite. Portable satellites are technically dishes that are mounted using a tripod. They allow mobility and efficiency compared to other satellites.

The main advantage of portable satellites is moving them to an area with the highest connectivity. They are ideal for individuals who like to go camping away from cities and still enjoy internet conveniences. You can use it to stream some TV programs while surrounded by nature. A portable satellite allows you to enjoy what you do at home while enjoying an outdoor camping experience.