How To Metro PCS Pay Bill Phone Number – Easy Methods

Nowadays each and every task is being completed on mobile phones. In this regard there are many companies that provide different types of services to people. Most of the over rated are telecommunication companies.

They provide services to their customers and get paid in return. Yeah some companies first provide services and then receive the payments while some of them just firstly receive the payments and then provide the required services.

The purpose of both the types of companies is to facilitate the customers and earn their revenues. It is a sort of business and also facility for the customers. This article also includes a service provider company offering prepaid services.

Metro by T-Mobile

Metro PC’s are a wireless service provider owned by T-Mobile US. It is an American service provider. It was found in 1994 as a general wireless company by Roger Linquist. Its services involve mobile communication and play an important role in making communication easy through mobile. Metro PC’s offer no contract plans and offers prepaid plans.

Its offers include prepaid plans such as from $20 one gets 2GB data while $60 offers 15GB mobile hotspot data and 100 GB Google. In simple this company offers unlimited offers to its customers and allows them to easily communicate through mobiles.

Metro PCS Offers

Metro by T mobile is one the ten largest telecommunication network in United States of America. It offers its customers prepaid services. The customers are supposed to pay for the services in advance and then enjoy unlimited data offers.

Areas of Services

In the beginning when the company had started it provided coverage in some areas of the United States of America but after its expansion it showed great concern and now is mostly covering all the states.

Things to Know About Metro

There are some points that are to be known by the customers in order to avail these offers, such as;

  1. Their plans and prices.
  2. The type of network.
  3. How to get start?.
  4. Mobile Phone options.
  5. No Overage Fees.
  6. Call and text performance.
  7. Data speeds.
  8. Customer service.
  9. Unique plan services.

1) Their Plans and Prices

Metro offers several plans and services with no contractual issues. There are main four plans offered by the company, two with data caps and other two with unlimited data. The plan starts from approximately $50 per month. In these services according to the payment done you are able to enjoy the services

If you subscribe to an unlimited data package and pay for that package then you need to just make your payment and start up the package services.

2) Type of Network

When the services had started it was only limited to some parts of the united states but after many changes it is now easily available in almost every part of the states. Since 2013 they were named as METRO but in 2018 it changed to METRO BY T MOBILE. Now after its expansion the network uses its towers to provide coverage. Its customers can get access to 5G coverage also.

3) How to Get Start?

To get start with these services it is just simple in three steps:

  • Get a mobile from Metro or bring your own
  • Get a SIM card
  • Switch your network to Metro by T- mobile.

These simple can be completed online or just getting into the T-Mobile store.

4) Mobile Phone Options

If one gets a phone from Metro it would be best suitable. But still if someone gets it from another store and then switches to this network then it is compulsory for the phone to be GSM unlocked.

5) No Overage Fees

There are no overage fees for cell phone services with Metro PC’s.

6) Call and Text Performance

Metro by T-Mobiles run on T-Mobile’s network so it is necessary to check out the connection in the area before switching to this network. Sometimes other phones when shifted to this network face calls and message notification problems. Such as the calls might drop earlier or many other problems. The messages won’t arrive in time etc. so to avoid these problems it is nice town a Metro phone.

As a customer had quoted that when she had another phone and shifted to T-Mobile network many times it was the situation that the calls were all dropped and she did not even receive the notifications. But after much time when she bought a Metro phone she noticed a great difference. She received her calls and messages at time and just faced a problem once during a drive.

7) Data Speed

In any network data speed is really important whether it is for web browsing or streaming music. To check the data speed of this network many tests were performed and as a result it is seen that the download speed is approximately 18.8Mbps while the average upload speed was 1.13Mbps. that is quite decent to use any service

8) Customer Service

According to the customers reviews it seems like they are really satisfied by the services provided to them. Many have quoted that they feel glad whenever they contact for any customer service they receive a positive response.

One can reach customer services through the T-Mobile app or link but can also call on 888-863-8768 to get these services.

9) Unique Plan Services Benefits

This network provides its customers with unique plan benefits i.e. in just $50 or $60 they can avail up to 100GB per month. The family plans also arise to be the best selling plans in the market for non-contract phones.

How to Metro PCS Pay Bill Phone Number (Payment Methods)

It is a network that provides prepaid services so it means that payment is compulsory to avail the offers. In this respect if in case one forgets to re- subscribe the offer they won’t be able to avail the offer and the offer will be temporarily turned off. It can be used when the payment is done.

1) Make Payment Metro by T-Mobile

T-mobiles allow paying for the services through a direct method. All you need to do is to allow an automatic payment each month through any of the selected payments methods. The payments can be redeemed by just clicking payment method and then entering a 10 digit code.

2) Log in for Paying Prepaid Phone Plans

If one is interested in paying the prepaid bills directly online then it would be easier for them to pay. All they need to do is to;

  • Log in the account, If one has an account it can login but if someone does not have an account then it is must for them to first sign up creating an account and then log in to pay the service.
  • Enter phone number, Now after logging enter the phone number
  • Deduct the balance from any debit or credit cards at no costs, After choosing the payment method then the amount can be deducted from the account without any additional charges.
  • The payment would be done

3) Metro by T mobile phone number

The company provides many facilities in order to pay the prepaid bills and then freely enjoy the this flow, it also makes easier by paying through phone number. i.e.

  • Enter the phone number for verification: To complete the payment plans through mobile number the very first step involves entering one’s phone number for which offer is to be allocated
  • Log in to My account to pay: Then after entering mobile number one should enter into MY ACCOUNT by Metro T-Mobile and log in the account.
  • Update payment information: After logging into the account you can choose the required payment method you want to follow. It can include either through card, through phones etc.
  • Or set up auto-pay: Auto pay option can be set in order to automatically re-subscribe to the offer For auto-pay there are following steps to be followed:
    • By dialing *99 payment can be done through an automated system.
    • One can dial 888-8metro8 for customer services.
    • My metro app can be used to pay via debit or credit card.
  • Payment can be done: In these ways the payment process can be carried out to avail the service.

4) How to Check Bill Balance from Phones

Cell phone service providers offer quick and easy ways to check the bill balance through mobile phones.

  • A simple text message is sent to the provider requesting a bill balance and as the message is sent a confirmation message arrives showing the bill balance. The message sent to check the balance is free of cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bottom Line

There are many service providers offering different offers to their customers. As internet has become one of the main components of our life. We mostly depend on it, especially in the lockdown due to COVID-19 everybody was restricted to their homes performing most of their work online and were in need of a permanent network with a good speed to avoid communication gap in the tough time.

In the whole time period different offers were present but after taking a look of this company and its terms and conditions it is easy to say that it provides better services in less prizes. One of the best thing is you don’t need to worry about the payment again and again once done and can enjoy the services easily.