How To Reset DirecTV Remote? – Step By Step Guide

How to reset directv remote? Everyone is delighted and excited when he tries any means he can to get some information on his television. Gone are the days when they used their fingers to press different buttons on the TV to obtain specific information. With the daily improvement of technology, everything has been made simple and easy. Just a few, the availability of DirecTV Remote that does most of the tasks.

What is a DirecTV Remote?

In simple terms, a remote is a device that enables one to control their television without undergoing any difficulty. By pressing your remote, the information needed is displayed. To be on safe hand, ensure all the instructions given are followed. There are mainly Two Types of DirecTV Remotes: The Genie Remote and the Universal Remote.

  • Genie Remote: The Genie uses the standard RF4CE protocol that allows self-programming with no line of sight.
  • Universal Remote: A universal remote is a remote that can be programmed to control various brands of different electronic devices.

How to Operate DirecTV Remote?

Like any other device, you will need just a few minutes to learn how to use this remote. For instance, different buttons are found on your remote. Learn how to navigate the controls;

  • At the top most, you will find three buttons.
  • On the left, it is written ON, middle INPUT, and right OFF button.
  • Do not panic as you handle the remote but read the instructions carefully and press them to Confirm whether they are working. Every button on the remote has its use.

How to Reset DirecTV Remote? – Step By Step Guide

At some point, your DirecTV Remote might stop working; let it not be stressful for you. Do you know the remote model that you own? You can never fix a problem without that in mind. Ensure that you confirm to reassure yourself that it is DirecTV Remote.

  • Before making any quick settings, try to remove anything that you might think is blocking the signals. This will include ensuring that all the batteries are in position and working.
  • If the remote blinks a solid green light, it shows that the batteries are okay and strong, but if the blinks are slow or there is no light, it means the batteries are supposed to be replaced.
  • Therefore, it will work perfectly if new batteries are inserted into the remote.
  • It is also advisable to know your DirecTV Remote codes.

What if the Problem Persists?

Reset both the receiver and the remote control. And the process of doing this is quite easy.

How can you Go About it?

  • Ensure that you change the remote mode, so it controls the DirecTV receiver. This will make your work to be easier.
  • While holding your remote, slide the mode switch to the left, which will lead to the DirecTV symbol and the inputs; the TV, AVI, or the AUX.
  • Eventually, you will get a breakthrough.

In case it’s not successful, then you will have to program your remote by changing the input source.

The programming procedure isn’t difficult, but the remote codes will be needed. After entering the codes, you will be able to program your remote using a certain procedure.

  • Press MENU on your remote, then Settings, which will lead you to the remote control. This will direct you to program the remote.
  • With this at hand, select the Device you wish to control the remote and follow the Remaining Procedure until the end.

Channels Guide with the DirecTV Remote

Provided you have your DirecTV, you can search different channels. You don’t have to go to the television to search the channel; use your remote in your comfort zone. Generally, press the Guide button on your DirecTV remote to view all available programs. This may include both the current and future programs. Just select the program needed, and it will be outlined. While viewing the channels, you might come across both local and international channels. You can either decide to watch different videos or movies or listen to audios of your preference.

How to Change Channels?

  • First, you should press MENU. This will display the setting button to enable you to program your remote.
  • As you follow the instructions displayed on the TV, choose the device you wish to program.
  • When using the Smart TV, press the MENU button to access all other channels.
  • And depending on the channel of your interest, Scroll the button downwards to see other channels.
  • Select your best Channel, and the information will be displayed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does DirecTV give free Remotes?

This will mainly depend on the remote available. Since DirecTV has the best customer care services, it will always be ready to help you. Therefore, if you have an issue with your remote, call the support system and explain the issue. Two things are obvious; be given a replacement or the problem sorted out.

Are DirecTV Remotes Universal?

The new DirecTV Universal Remote can control the entire entertainment system. This includes on TVs, VCRs, DVD players, and stereo systems, among others.

How Long do DirecTV Receivers Last?

It all depends on the satellite systems. For instance, those used by Dish Network and DirecTV have a lifespan of fifteen years, while some can go beyond that time duration. Others would replace their receivers before their expiry date or time frame. Therefore, it all depends on the individual.

How Much is a New DirecTV Receiver?

The prices vary. The new DirecTV packages and equipment have a free and standard professional installation that might require around a $19.95 activation fee. But for more information, call the customer care service or confirm from the online website.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, having a DirecTV Remote gives you all the pleasure you need while watching your interesting movie, DVD player, audio, or another entertainment program. To avoid disruption, always ensure that your DirecTV Remote is in position. Confirm your batteries to ensure that they are okay, and in case of any troubleshoots, always follow the right procedures to fix them.