How To Keep Metro PCS On Without Paying Bill? – Guideline

How to keep metro pcs on without paying bill? Metro PCS is a new alternative launched by T-Mobile which provides wireless services becoming the 5th largest telecom network using code-division access through multiple networks. It provides users with multiple prepaid and post-paid plans that they can access in their phones, PCS and even tablets.

Metro PCS by T-Mobile are also known as a better version of T-Mobile Prepaid as they offered the essential plans like T-Mobile at cheaper prices. Metro PCS had now started charging ETF which can be $150 around otherwise they can cancel your contract. It becomes hard for a common man to pay that amounts of bill all together.

In order to avoid paying bill while keep your Metro PCS on you can use in order to unlock AT&T in your device and then you can switch on to a new carrier where you can month to month on your choice and you can even leave the service any time. Another way to be keep it unregistered is save your APN settings then select them from the APN list. This way you can ditch the service providers and avoid paying any bills and will be secured from paying your ETF.

How to Keep Metro PCS on without Paying Bill? – Step by Step Guide

Metro PCS services can be turned on without paying and prepaid or Post-paid bills if you have a older version of Metro PCS not occupied with ETF system. All you need to do is follow these guidelines and you will be free from huge payments given to telephonic or internet services.

  1. Metro PCS before activating or challenging an established service, you will need to download an app downloaded on your phone from the google play store using a Wi-Fi connection.
  2. Download the app called groove IP or phone to google in order to set up a free Google Voice, it’s completely free to set that up.
  3. In Metro PCS, once you set that google voice up, all you have to do is sign in with groove IP or phone for Google into your Google Voice account that will provide you a free number when you set up the Google Voice app in exchange of their own number.
  4. In Metro PCS, once you have already done with this. You need to download one more app that is a web browser, anything like Firefox, chrome or dolphin other than the android browser that came with that phone.
  5. In your Metro PCS now shut the Wi-Fi off and now you can start to situate it by following the instructions.
  6. In your Metro PCS, remember one thing before situating it, it will be new account and a new name whatever you want.
  7. Give a count mailing address, it doesn’t matter if it is not yours. Just make sure that the address you are speaking into the recording is entered correct. Repeat it if necessary.
  8. In Metro PCS, once that is accomplished, they will provide you with your own number for that phone.
  9. In Metro PCS services, out of their temp, they may ask you, what kind of plan do you want for example $40 or $50, choose any for that particular phone, all you need to do is to agree with them.
  10. Metro PCS may ask you one more question, do you want you pay now or on the internet or other location. Choose at the store location and you will be provided with a different store location and you can hang up after that.
  11. In your METRO PCS, now you have get into the NAME setting and there change your old telephone number to the new telephone number that Metro PCS has provided to you
  12. Metro PCS will rest it and the other phone is going to shut off.
  13. Metro PCS Wi-Fi has to be off all the time and you will notice at the top where it shows 3G, 4G and other features provided by the Metro PCS, they will be automatically present there.
  14. Metro PCS will have a 4G service but you cannot use a dial pad provided by the phone, that’s where the groove IP app and other apps you downloaded will be used.
  15. Sign in to Google Voice account and now use a ver telephone paired in order to dial your numbers out making unlimited free calls and other free tools occupied with it.
  16. In Metro PCS, you are not going to use the Android web browser as well and use the downloaded browsers for your browsing over the internet.

Does the new Metro PCS are occupied with ETF? Yes, nowadays the new versions of Metro PCS are occupied with Early Termination Fee system in which they can charge you fees to cancel your services before the term expires. So, you can get caught anyway if using Metro PCS without activation.

Guidelines to Follow if you Have ETF Built Metro PCS

Step 1)

All around the telecom network of Metro PCS, Verizon or any other telecom services, you know sending media like SMS or MMS without an activation in a Metro PCS will not possible because the SMS or MMS service will not be provided to you by the service providers without activation as your original dial pad is not going to work and you will doing calls using internet services mimicking the cellular networks. As SMS makes an integral and important part of our day to day communication. So, in order to sign in for SMS/MMS services you need to purchase a cheaper prepaid plan.

Step 2)

In Metro PCS system, if you have an ETF built Metro PCS device Metro PCS can track your device’s location if it’s activated from their side and you are not paying bills for the same. As long as they don’t have any idea about the bill payments, they won’t intend to track down you as its APN is changed and you are not using the number provided by them. But as you are not paying the ETF in due time soon they can check on you and your connection can be disconnected.

Step 3)

In Metro PCS in order to avoid paying heavy bills in Metro PCS you can use your T-Mobile with Metro PCS easily as T-Mobile works perfectly with Metro PCS with you being in contract with T-Mobile as Metro PCS is a new branch of T-Mobile itself. Once the conditions applied by Metro PCS is fulfilled by you, they will provide you a new Metro PCS Sim card and then you can sign up for all the services. But T-Mobile owners can block you as you won’t be continuing their services anymore but the advantage is you are going to enjoy services at a cheaper rate.

Moreover Metro PCS can be unlocked with any other networks for example GSM Network as recently Metro PCS had updated their policies and now users can unlock their devices to be used on other networks as well. It involves download of a device Unlock app in which you can directly unlock any network without requiring and code for it. This method can help you paying lesser bills at Metro PCS, only ETF will be deducted from your device.

Step 4)

Most important point to know about ETF built system is you cannot go around doing thefts with using Metro PCS without paying bills as ETF if tracked will disconnect your services and you can over held up if continued the same practices. So, in order to avoid all these along with paying lesser amount one should switch to new cheaper prepaid plans launched by Metro PCS, you may not get full free service but you can save your money by going for discounted plans and enjoying all the services.

Metro PCS has the ability to charge you for extra taxes or they can even stop your services permanently and you may need to switch over to some other telecom networks like Verizon etc. It’s just like not paying electricity bills and getting your power cut by the service providers.

Step 5)

You can even use the same phone provided by Metro PCS which was previously blocked by the Metro PCS. In order to do this, you need to follow some small steps in your device which involves legally registering it, then you can get an activated simcard from the service providers. Make sure you are paying your bills from time to time now otherwise the company has the right to block you completely if found doing theft again.

In case you forget to pay your bills in due time in Metro PCS, ETF system can track you and your Metro PCS services will be temporarily suspended by the service providers until a payment is made. If payment is still not made after a long time, they have the right to disconnect your service and your number will be given to another customer.

There are many other options to avoid heavy payments in Metro PCS apart from turning against the phone activation.

If you wish to reduce the amount of bills paid to Metro PCS services, you can opt to newly launch prepaid plan of Metro PCS services that are cheaper and will not pile up with a heavy bill. But still you will be charged an ETF if you are having a recent version of Metro PCS. New prepaid plans not only provide you with unlimited calling and data essentials, they also come with free subscription to many services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Google Hangouts and many more, provided for months or years depending upon the plan you choose for yourself.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Locate Name Setting in my Metro PCS?

In order to locate your name setting, you need to go the apps. Go to setting. In setting now click on Mobile networks. Mobile network will show you different Access Point names. You have choose T-Mobile US LTE and then you change your number as well.

How to Save Money if your Metro PCS is Occupied with ETF?

In order to avoid paying any money in ETF occupied phone, you need to change to prepaid services, pay for once and for the rest use referral links provided with the data plan. This will provide you with 3-5 months free plan. Once over with this do the same using another plan.

What Happens if we Get Caught by Metro PCS?

Nothing much, if Metro PCS catches you using this technique, they are simply going to blacklist your number and the service will stop. There is no legal action against this.

Can we Just use WiFi to Enjoy the Data Services in Metro PCS without Activating the Device?

Yes, If have a source of Wi-Fi and you do not require cellular network calling, you can go for turning on your Wi-Fi and the Metro PCS is going to work normally with providing you calls over the internet as long as you want.

Is there any Way to Save a Quite Amount of Dollars on your Metro PCS?

Switching to a prepaid plan in which you need to pay at the start of the month or you can just pay for the data you need, calls can make over internet. Keep good track of your data usage from several months and choose your plan wisely after that. You can go to change your prepaid plan as many service providers impose less taxes on many plans.

Final Word

Metro PCS although now is providing you a huge amount of new plans and services that are affordable to every user, for exams unlimited $25/line for four lines with zero fees to switch. In addition to these metro had made sure that your hard earned money goes in a better place and you may get access to other services like Amazon Prime, Google One with your 5G plans. Still if you wish to avoid paying bills or reduce them, you can try small techniques listed above for time to time being as this cannot be a permanent solution to your problem.