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How To Get A Spectrum Discount: 12 Effective Ways

It doesn’t always feel good when you receive a pending bill in your email inbox, does it? Especially, when the prices for all the necessary goods keep rising from time to time. However, these bills cannot be eliminated since having at least basic things is a necessity. So, we as consumers are always on the lookout for a Spectrum discount coupon that may reduce some amount out of these bills.

Having a high-speed internet connection in today’s world is an absolute necessity. Internet helps us in almost every manner possible. Be it online shopping or paying our electricity and water dues or even rent, everything requires a high-speed internet connection.

How to Lower Your Spectrum Bill?

However, this high-speed connection also comes with a cost. As we know already, Spectrum is one of the best internet service providers across the whole country. Their network never seems to slow down, even in rough weather conditions. Unfortunately, such a good internet connection can cost you a hefty bill. While opting for a connection, Spectrum discount offers extremely luring packages that no one can deny. However, these introductory prices see a huge price jump once the initial period for a new connection is over.

The rise in prices after the initial 12-month-period can be as much as 80% of the initial price paid. So, it’s always better to look for Spectrum deals that save you money. Below are some methods that you can apply to ensure that your spectrum bill gets reduced.

How to Reduce Your Spectrum Bill?

In this post, I’ll show you how to reduce your Spectrum bill as an existing customer. This will require you to complete some or all of the following:

  • Call and negotiate a Lower Rate.
  • Send your bill to a negotiation service.
  • Remove unnecessary services.
  • Reduce equipment Fees.
  • Qualify as a new customer.
  • Switch to a different internet provider.
  • Qualify for a low-income subsidy.

Don’t skip number five, it’s a solid last-ditch option if you have a spouse or roommate.

12 Effective Ways To Get A Spectrum Discount

1) Search Online for a Coupon

While paying your spectrum bill, you should always search online for coupons to get a discount on your spectrum bill. Sometimes, even a coupon with a 10 percent discount can help a lot. These coupons are not usually easy to find, so you need to have patience and keep looking. Search for specific websites that deal with coupon searching across the internet. There are high chances that you will find a coupon that might work. These websites search the whole of the internet for the specific coupon you want. Use that coupon and save yourself some money every month.

  • You get a chance to save some money.
  • You might find a website that works just right for you.
  • You might not get a coupon and end up spending 15-20 minutes searching for one.

2) Negotiate

While getting an internet connection, always try to negotiate with spectrum providers for a lower deal they’re offering. This step will help you in saving money in the longer run. Such negotiations show the company that you are an experienced and knowledgeable person and you know the market prices for such services. So, it’s always good to keep yourself informed about the latest deals and plans being released in the market by the company.

  • You learn how to deal with and negotiate a plan in your favor with service providers.
  • You might end up getting a deal that helps you save some money on your existing plan.
  • Your service provider might get a little annoyed.

3) Always Pay Your Bill on Time

The majority of internet users have this habit of not paying their spectrum bills discount within the specified time frame. So, a late fee is applicable. This increases their total bill which affects much more to their pockets. One should never ever delay their internet bill.

  • You develop a habit of paying your bills on time.
  • You save your money by not paying late fees.
  • You might have some less money left at the end of the month.

4) Opt for a Lower Plan Than The One You Currently Have

Most people do not even need an ultra-high-speed network. But they still opt for one stating the reason, what if they need it someday. This may be one of the reasons that might be affecting your spectrum bill. The majority of the consumers do not need more than 100Mbps for everyday tasks like browsing the web for Netflix, Hulu, etc. yet, the company tries to upsell their customers in order to earn money. So, lower your bill and get a spectrum discount.

  • You save money since you never needed that extra speed.
  • The company might drop your name from its priority list.

5) Try Talking to An Executive Before Paying Your Bill

Always call the company before paying your bill. Always ask them for a detailed bill so that you may be assured that no hidden charges are being added to your bill. Try to negotiate with the company before paying your bill. This may save you some dollars.

  • You might get a discount.
  • You will save some money.
  • The executive may blacklist your name.

6) Escalate Your Issue

Always ask the customer care executive to escalate your matter regarding the bill if they are not able to help you. Once the matter has reached the manager’s hands, try explaining to him your issue about the excessive bill you’re receiving every month. This increases your chances of getting an offer on your current bill.

  • The higher authorities may get you a better deal.
  • They might end up not taking your requests seriously.

7) Always Look for Hidden Charges

If you do not pay attention to the bill that you’re receiving every month, there might be some chances that you’re being charged extra by the company. These extras can cost you quite a lot in the long run. Sometimes, companies do not tell their consumers about certain charges that are levied on the users. So, one should always check their bill upon receiving and call the company directly to enquire for any charges you didn’t know about.

  • You will save yourself a substantial amount of money.
  • You will gather more info about the taxes and fees levied on you.
  • None.

8) Always Negotiate Before Your Contract is About to End

It has always been a good strategy to negotiate before your 24-month contract with spectrum is just about to expire. The company, in order to earn, needs customers to renew their plans after their tenure expires. Due to this, there are high chances that the company may give you a spectrum discount once you ask for it. This will save you quite a lot of money and your bills will also get reduced every month.

  • The employer willing to keep you may lower your monthly bill.
  • You learn negotiation skills.
  • You might end up getting your contract terminated with the service provider.
  • However, chances for this to happen are extremely less.

9) Search for a Different Internet Service Provider

Research on the internet or ask your neighbors whose services they’re using. Once you get to know their deals, try calling Spectrum and negotiate with them stating that the other network provider is charging lesser than they are. Ask their customer service to look for any sort of promo code that can help you reduce your monthly bill. If their get one for you, this might help you in lowering your internet bill. If not, try other methods mentioned.

  • You will be aware of what others are charging in the market.
  • Spectrum might lower your costs.
  • Their prices may or may not match with your existing provider.

10) Remove Unnecessary Services

Service providers like spectrum put a major strain on your budget by trying to upsell their plan to you. They add cable TV packages, home phone services, sports fees, and many others just to earn more money which results in your spectrum discount bill skyrocketing to more than $160/month. Always ensure that no such services are added to your plan since most of them are not useful at all.

  • You save a great deal of money every month.
  • In case of emergency, you might not have the channels to watch on Spectrum TV.

11) Shift Your Connection

In case, nothing works, you can always shift your internet connection from Spectrum to a different company that suits your budget and provides you with a better deal. However, make sure you research the company before shifting since the network quality might be poor. Also, if your area is dominated by Spectrum users, getting a different connection will not help since the quality might be poor. In such a case, you must always try the above-written steps that might get you to save a large deal of money just from your internet bill every month.

  • You get a better deal than before.
  • Their service might be poor than your existing provider.

12) Cancel Your Plan

Some customers use this tactic and they’re successful in getting a discount! All you have to do is, call their executive and ask them to cancel your plan. If you’ve been a long-time customer, the company will always want to retain such a loyal customer by offering some discounts on the plan you currently have. This increases your chances of getting a discount coupon from the company. Well, if you do not succeed, there is nothing wrong with trying, right?

  • You get a discount and save money.
  • You cannot use this tactic every month.Your service may end.

How Much is the Increase in Prices After a 12-Month Tenure?

Spectrum pricing increases around 20 percent over your current plan once a 12 month period is over.

Why Do Spectrum Prices Increase Suddenly After a Year?

The spectrum runs promotional offers on new connections during which they give discounts to their new customers for a 12 month period.

How Much Does Spectrum Internet Cost Every Month?

Spectrum has different plans for its customers depending upon their needs. These plans range from $49.99 to $109.99 and can go as high as $200 or more depending on the services one opts for from the company.

What are the Different Internet-Only Plans Available to Customers?

Spectrum Internet-only plans currently range from $49.99 per month for 100 Mbps and go to $109.99 per month for 940 Mbps.

Does Spectrum Offer Cable TV Services as Well?

Yes, customers can opt for spectrum TV as well in their plans.

How Much Does Spectrum TV Cost?

Spectrum TV can be added to your existing plan by the provider. You can also opt for a bundle that includes internet and TV services both for a starting price of $89.98 only.

Does Spectrum Offer Any Special Plans for Seniors?

Yes. Spectrum is currently offering special plans for seniors for less amount of money. These plans start from as low as $14.99 a month. Check the spectrum website for more info.

Can You Install Your Spectrum Yourself?

Yes. Spectrum does offer the option of self-installation. This helps the customers in saving money as well as knowing more about their set-up. You can find the instructions for self-installation on their website.


Spectrum has been offering plans at higher prices. However, their services have been quite good since the beginning of their merger with time warner cable in 2016. However, as customers, we should always try and reduce our costs in every manner. It is our responsibility to ensure that our money doesn’t go wasted in any manner. There is nothing wrong with saving some extra money, right? So, do yourself a favor and use the techniques mentioned by us next time you need to get a spectrum discount. Money saved is money invested.