Activate a Verizon Phone by Yourself

Although Activate a Verizon phone appears to be difficult, it is not. It is critical to unlocking your Verizon phone, whether it is a pre-owned or new phone. And if you don’t activate your phone, you won’t be able to use it for simple functions like calls and texts, or anything else. So, these were the reasons for the invention of smartphones, right? So don’t worry, we’ll cover everything in this article.

What is Activating a Phone?

Activating a phone is basically what turns your service on. The phone doesn’t do much if it is not connected to a carrier, WiFi carrier, or cell tower.

It the same as all other technologies you have such as a computer or a tablet, you have to turn the device on or signing it up with a cell phone or Wifi provider you have, and then simply sync that to your personal Verizon account, with all of your pieces of information so that it’s associated with you.

Benefits of Activating a Verizon Phone

The advantages of Activate your Verizon phone vary depending on the type of phone you have. For example, if you have an iPhone, you’ll need the IMEI number, which can be found on the packaging or displayed on the phone before you start the activation process.

Otherwise, you’ll need a SIM card and access to a wireless network to communicate. Similarly, an Android phone would need a SIM card as well as the phone itself. In the parts below, we go through this in greater detail.


  • Will get the feature to calling and texting.
  • Get access to the 4g/5g network.
  • Get access to Cellular data.


  • Have limitations on your phone.
  • Won’t be able to call/text someone.
  • Won’t get access to cellular data.

What is An Unlocked Phone?

An unlocked phone is just one not linked to a certain operator. In essence, carriers sell phones at discount prices and can do this by securing users with monthly payments on long contracts. In return, while on contract, you can’t take the phone you pay off your network. Unlocked phones are not locked into contracts and can depend on their construction to be compatible with more than one carrier.

How Do You Activate A Verizon Phone By Yourself?

Not every time. Technically, your phone is still locked but does not need to be activated when your contract is finished. However, you will need to activate them before using them when buying new or used phones which are unlocked.

Activating a Phone:

There are four possible ways to activate your Verizon phone. Whether you have to head to a Verizon store or you can just follow three of the ways we are providing you. These ways save your time and help you get rid of a trip. These are the three ways we will be covering today:

  1. Activate Your Verizon Phone Online.
  2. Activate Your Verizon Phone via the Default App.
  3. Activate Your Verizon Phone with your Cell Phone.

1. Activate Your Verizon Phone Online

In order to Activate a Verizon phone online Firstly, you will need a My Verizon account and of course an internet connection and device to access the internet.

Getting started with the initial setup:

  1. To begin, go to, which is the company’s official website.
  2. On the My Verizon website, go to “Activate, Switch, or Bring Your Own Computer.”
  3. Choose whether you want to activate a new phone or an old phone.

Following this, Verizon will direct you to a page where you must verify that your phone is compatible with your current line and plan. After that Verizon will ask you whether you are using this device on this account for the first time or you have used it before. Select “Yes” if you have used it earlier and select “No” if you are using this device for the first time.

After that, simply type your Device ID and press “Check Device” to complete the process.

For security reasons, Verizon will text you a verification code:

  • Select the phone in which you want to get the verification code.
  • Click on “Text me the code”.
  • Then simply type the verification code in the “Online Authorization Code box”.
  • Select Confirm.

Select Finding Your SIM Card and SIM ID if you need assistance locating your SIM card and locating the ID number. By clicking Add to Cart, you can also order a new SIM card if are required.

For That Simply:

  • Insert your SIM Id number.
  • Select Check SIM ID.
  • Select “Confirm” in order to approve changes.

And here we go you have an activated Verizon phone.

2. Activate Your Verizon Phone via the Default App

If you don’t prefer the website, Verizon also offers a different option. You can simply use the Verizon Official app, which is available for both Android and iOS users.

Simply follow the measures outlined below:

  • First, install the Verizon app. 
  • Select the option that says “Add a device”.
  • Then select “Activate the device you already own”.
  • Select the kind of device you are adding.
  • Select the operating system of the device.
  • Type your device id.

3. Activate Your Verizon Phone with your Cell Phone

You can also activate your phone over the phone if you don’t feel comfortable activating your phone online or with the app. You also have another choice which is by using your phone.

  • First Dial 877-807-4646 From any phone.
  • Then, to enable your wireless service, simply follow the on-screen instructions.

In your new device, simply insert the SIM card. Since the insertion process differs from device to device, consult the user guide that came with your device. Then insert the battery of your phone. Place the cover in the back of your device. And charge the device. And your device is now ready to use.

Activate Based on Your Device:

Verizon Collabs with various Renowned brands such as:

  • Apple
  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Motorola
  • Google
  • Amazon

Activating a phone actually depends on what type of phone you own. Whether it’s an iPhone or an Android phone.

Alternatives Ways to Activating an Android Phone

If you bought a used Android phone you have to activate it once you get it. You can do this in the following ways.

1. Use Your Account

You can visit Verizon and turn on your new device via the website if you have an account in Verizon. Then you have to choose one of the options that says “bring your own device,” “Enable your own device” or “Switch to your own device” should be provided. Follow your carrier network instructions for selecting the line you want to activate from there.

2. Make Sure it is Compatible

Not all network carriers are the same, so you must make sure that the device is consistent with your plan and provider. You must enter the device ID and have it verified online for a new device, a premium phone.

3. Allow your New Equipment

Verizon will make sure you are the authorized person for this change so that you will receive a text code on the new device on the given site when you request it for security reasons.

4. Check the SIM

The SIM card will have to be checked when this authorization is confirmed. You can enter the SIM ID to do so, follow and validate the site instructions.

5. Add a Device with an App

If you have an account in Verizon, you can visit Verizon and activate your new device via the website. There is an option that will give you three options. Either you can choose the option “bring your own device” or “activate own device” or “switch to have a device”. From there, follow the instructions from Verizon to pick the road you would like to activate.

6. Confirm with the App

You can choose which device it is, the Android operating system, and enter the ID for the device if you already have your premium phone in your hand. Follow the same steps to confirm.

7. Phone it in

You can always activate the new device by call if you are unable to access the internet and the apps are not an option either. Use your respective supplier number to do this and prepare yourself to send them a SIM card receipt, and provide you with the phone for additional information.

Alternatives Ways to Activating Your iPhone

If you have a pre-owned iPhone you can activate it by following these steps.

1. Insert a SIM Card

Take the SIM card and set it in the SIM holding slot which is on the right side of the iPhone you bought. You may need a small nail or paperclip to open the slot.

2. Turn Your New Phone on

Turn your phone on with a secured card, but allow it to boot for a few moments. If you do not want to try another SIM card after a few minutes, just to find out the root cause and if it’s a phone or a SIM.

3. Start the “Start-Up” Procedure

You should be prompted to “set up” immediately with a step-by-step setup.  If the old phone has not been wiped back to reset settings for some reason, you can follow the steps on the screen and then startup.

4. Choose Verizon

Under the option that says “Select a Wi-Fi network”, select your wifi network. You must use your personal Wireless network from home.

5. Give Your Phone some time for the Activation

No tension if stuff doesn’t happen immediately. It could take a couple of minutes. Once you are connected to the wireless network, the iPhone will try to activate automatically, which can take a minute. If you get an error such as “SIM card error,” which means you have inserted the card incorrectly, go back and try again. If the wireless network cannot be connected, plug in the p

6. Get Your Old Cell Phone Data Backed up

You want to make sure that information such as saved voicemails, contacts, and texts are written down somewhere during this process because you might not be able to go to the new phone. Do this in advance, don’t forget. You will want to make sure that you have saved the old cell phone data after activating the premium iPhone and wiped it for security purposes.

7. Get Your IMEI Number

Display the IMEI number on the screen by dialing *#06#. The packaging could also be printed. This is probably what you will need when you start it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Verizon the best?

Verizon Wireless still receives awards for its reliable service and strong performance years after year. Verizon network won first place in all six categories tested including network performance overall, reliability, speed, data, call, and text in its latest RootMetrics network report. And anyway it’s the number 1 in the US so surely is the best option for you.

Is Activating a Phone and Unlocking a Phone the Same?

Not at all. It’s totally different. Unlocking them means you can get any of the phone carriers you want and activating them means you get access to features your provider provides.


We hope after reading this article you have successfully activated your phone and using it. All the information here is from the official website of Verizon so don’t hesitate to trust this information.