Comcast’s $9.99 Internet For Low-Income Families

In the passing years whole world had faced a great pandemic resulting in a great economic fall down. It had been a very tough time for everyone, especially for those who were already passing their time with a limited income. After overcoming this pandemic many people were unable to earn a luxurious lifestyle but were trying to fulfill the requirements of their life by putting their full strength.

In this era internet had been must for every group of age, whether children, adults or old ones. Everything was going online and to run with time internet has become a compulsory component of life. But, no worries! Still if one has a low income and wants to run the path of success they can obtain a satisfiable service by getting through different packages.

For example, there are some students who face a difficulty in getting their home work done as they are being appointed to complete it online so they would feel easy to complete their task if they get a service that is low of cost.

Comcast’s $9.99 Internet for Low-Income Families

Comcast’s has been a part of EEB i.e. government’s subsidy program abbreviated as Emergency Broadband Benefit. This program is available to provide internet services to different people who qualify for their requirements and also offers internet essentials.

This practice was praised in a way that it would come as a great help for students to gain education. As one third of the students were unable to complete their home-tasks provided by their respective schools due to the lack of internet access.

It was not like they were not efficient to get their task completed in a better way, but the thing was they had no access to internet, as it was seen in a parking slot a student completing her home work by using the library hotspot because she had no other access to get online.

To fill this digital divide Comcast’s had made practices to provide internet service to low income families in just $9.99 per month along with it they are also devoted to provide internet essentials such as; Laptops in less than $150.

#Comcast’s a Part of EBB

Due to the pandemic there was a great economic loss faced by every country and its people which had a direct impact on household’s economy too. People were bound to stay inside and get their work completed online which was a hurdle for those who were digitally illiterate. To spread literacy about technology and other digital uses Emergency Broadband Benefit plays a vital role.

It is a program designed to help people of low income in getting internet services in less prices so that they can have the opportunity to go online and work for their better livelihood the selection process of this program.

Comcast’s $9.99 Internet For Low-Income Families Offers

Comcast’s offers an internet service to people eligible to this program and also different internet essentials to reduce the digital divide. In this way people would be able to achieve computers in cheap prices.

It may look like as this service is being provided in low cost then it would have a poor quality service, such as would be having slow speed internet. But it is not like that the speed of the internet is acceptable and quite nice to have. It might be 15MBps and also has a high downloading speed.

For the students it becomes easy to get online with these speeds and even most of the work can be conducted on this speed. Comcast’s service providers are also trying to enhance the quality of the service.

Comcast’s $9.99 Internet For Low-Income Eligibility Criteria

Those people who are able to qualify for public assistance programs are eligible to apply for this service and get qualified. Public assistance programs include programs such as; NATIONAL SCHOOL LUNCH PROGRAM, HOUSING ASSISTANCE, MEDICAID ETC. if anyone is eligible to these programs they can further apply for Comcast’s services.

Introduction of Comcast’s Internet Essentials Program

Comcast’s not only offers internet services in fact it also provides internet essentials such as computers to people in low prices i.e. as low as less than $150. The main purpose behind this program is to end digital divide in the society and help them earn income along with mot compromising on their children education.

Who Qualify for EBB?

People having income less than the poverty guidelines levels and those who qualify for government assistance programs such as Medicaid etc. can apply for these services as they can qualify.

How to Apply?

To apply to avail this service one needs to follow some simple steps as follow:

  • Step 1) Qualify for Application: For the qualification level you need to first fulfill the requirements, which are;
    • Applicants must be eligible for the public assistance program.
    • Must be in an area that has an access to Comcast’s service.
    • Applicants must not be an existing Xfinity internet service customer.
    • Applicants must not be the subscribers of any internet service such as Xfinity.
    • They must not be the debtor of Comcast’s for less than one year time period.
  • Step 2) Fill the Application Letter: To fill up the application letter one can easily sign in the website i.e. and then submit the application online.
  • Step 3) Get the Approval: The service providers would check on the application and get it approved if applicable, than the customers would get informed through mails etc. if there would be any need of documentation one could easily take a picture of the document and upload it in the application.
  • Step 4) Get Online: Once the application is accepted and approved one can easily avail an internet service at their home in less amount i.e. $9.99.

Purpose Behind the Low Income Support Service

It is a great opportunity for citizens to avail this offer and get a solid internet service in low income without disturbing their budget. There is a purpose behind this offer made available by Comcast’s that is:

1. To Eradicate Digital Gap

Digital gap is present in a society when there is an unequal distribution of digital technologies. Such as some people own computers but some are unaware of this technology and its knowledge. And when it comes too such a situation as working from home it becomes difficult to carry on the process of working as calmly as before.

As a result they face economic imbalance. For this purpose Comcast’s is determined to acknowledge the new generation.

2. Provide Facility for Students

For children if their parents work hard for achieving bread for their family just try not to bother their parents for new technology services. As some might be uncomfortable in using a local internet service but still when does not find any way is obliged to get a random hotspot or public hotspot. This program is especially devoted to focus in providing services to students.

In this way they also supply different essentials so as to help them in getting these computer essentials.

3. Help People with Low Income

Low income people earn bread for their family hardly. In this case affording a computer becomes difficult for them so they avoid these essentials. But this program is helping them achieve their devices for them or children in low prices.

Reasons for the Digital Divide

Digital divide is regarded as to be the unequal distribution of digital sources and essentials. As some people are accessible to technologies and some are unaware of the digital use. It is caused due to low literacy and low income and also due to lack of access to digital technology.

Comcast’s Working

Comcast’s is working in order to eradicate the digital divide from the society so that each and every person is accessible to technology and can use them to attain success and a better way of life. Digital literacy is really important in every aspect of life. People work online in this going era and must have basic knowledge of digital world.

Comcast’s Contribution to Low Income People

Comcast’s is determined to offer internet services to people having low income level, without affecting their budget much. It is also offering internet essentials such as digital accessories as laptop or such devices in low cost approximately less than $150.

It would be helpful to people in different ways:

  • Students can have access to internet and attain a valuable education.
  • People can have access to digital technology easily.
  • Digital divide or gap would be reduced.
  • After achieving digital literacy employment level or income level could be increased.
  • People can bear 24-7 internet service.
  • A speedy connection would be obtained in a low price.

Praise and Criticism for Comcast’s Efforts

These efforts of Comcast’s to provide facility to people of low income were praised by many people. FCC Chairman had appraised the efforts mostly and said that they were doing great to eradicate digital divide. It is a fact that Comcast’s has been strongly affected to children and tried to put their efforts in their welfare and also to finish up the technology gap in the society.

It has reached to pledge approximately 2.5 million low income houses to hold a better internet connection and also is devoted to sell computers costing less than 150. Yeah perhaps, praise and criticism pass along-side. There was a great criticism made on Comcast’s as in 2016 that they do not provide quality services and also bill their customers unnecessarily and own improper credit checks. But, now they have been working to surely improve the quality of their work.

Comcast’s Devotion

After the COVID pandemic many people had to compromise in their way of life and had to struggle a lot to lead a peaceful life. In all these cases it was sometimes difficult for families to afford different internet packages for their children in their budgets.

They were determined to provide their kids a valuable education but were unable to get them accessed to internet or technology. This caused a great loss to them in their academic period. They were unable to complete their home works.

Other main factor was also to eradicate the technological gap in the society and make the technology accessible to everyone so each and every person can get literate. Today, it is an era of technology which is as fast as light and for one to come across the success has to be literate to achieve success.

Who Can Use Comcast’s Essentials?

Those who are eligible for the services might also receive essentials. In this way those who have less income and can’t afford these essentials can only use these essentials after buying them in less price. It would be seen that if they lie upon the poverty line and are really having a low income source then they can avail the opportunity or else won’t be capable for these.

As the service providers are doused for low income support so they might seem to explore the sources of one’s income and would definitely serve there target areas to help build in the society.

Bottom Line

Comcast’s had been considering the different aspects of digital literacy critically and had made a plan to provide internet service in less price, as low as $ 9.99, it would be easy for people to avail these offers. There was a setted eligibility criterion and the services were provided to those who qualified. Then the next step was to end digital divide, for this purpose they were providing different essentials in low cost. I.e. computers were sold in price less than $150.

Hence, people with low income can get these services and help their children to pave the path of success. And even working from home would be a plus point for people having low income as they can have the opportunities at their doorstep.