The Best Boost Mobile Unlimited Hotspot Plans And Price

Boost Mobile, founded by Peter Adderton, is a telecommunication company that offers wireless services to a large customer base. Amongst its services, Boost Mobile presents unlimited plans that include unrestricted minutes, messages, and data.

This array of unlimited plans includes 35 gigabytes of mobile hotspots, which gives you the liberty to surf the internet and share data via Wi-Fi with other devices. Essentially, this service allows you to stream your favorite movies, songs, and TV shows with little to no worry of your data running out shortly.

If you desire this hassle-free Boost Mobile Unlimited Hotspot plans, this article will dive deep into how you can acquire it for your consumption. Let’s begin!

What Is Boost Mobile?

As previously mentioned, Boost Mobile is a telecommunication company founded by Peter Adderton that offers wireless services to numerous individuals internationally. This brand was established in 2000, and it renders its services to users via the Telstra wireless network in America.

It’s also worth mentioning that this brand has an additional branch called Boost worldwide, which functions as a subsidiary of Sprint Corporation, allowing it to provide all its exceptional wireless telecommunication services. Amongst its numerous services, Boost Mobile is famous for its data plans as they come at affordable prices, giving users virtually unlimited time on the internet.

Why Do You Need The Boost Mobile Unlimited Hotspot Plans?

By definition, an unlimited hotspot plans allows you unrestricted access to the internet as well as the liberty to share this connection to other devices. While you may not need this kind of extensive internet freedom, it presents some benefits to you.

For example, suppose you do not have access to a dedicated Wi-Fi either due to you leaving your home or not possessing one; in that case, you can turn your Boost Mobile device into a mobile Hotspot.

In other words, you can carry your internet access with your mobile phone and share it with your laptop or other mobile devices that need to surf the web. Additionally, this plan saves you money on subscribing to the same offer on multiple devices; you can activate unlimited internet access and visit your favorite websites without restrictions.

Another reason why you should opt for the Boost Mobile Unlimited Hotspot Plans is the freedom to surf the web and share your mobile data with little to no worry of disconnection. In other words, regular plans have a short limit on how long you can visit your preferred websites before disconnecting from the server. With an unlimited hotspot plan, you can roam the internet, watch videos, play games, and stream music with almost zero fear of running out of data.

What Is The Boost Mobile Unlimited Hotspot Plans?

Before outlining the methods to activate this Boost Mobile Unlimited Hotspot Plans, it’s worth emphasizing some essential details of the service. They include the liberty to surf the web and read from your favorite stream the best songs and watch HD videos with no poor internet connection.

This option is one of Boost Mobile’s most inclusive data plans currently in their inventory as it grants the user unlimited messages, minutes, and access to the internet. Essentially, it’s all you need for consistent access to the web and still communicate with your friends and loved ones.

As the name implies, this plan allows you to share the mobile data via Wi-Fi to other devices that enable such a connection. Additionally, you can manage and monitor the hotspot usage via the Boost Mobile app for iOS and Android phones, giving you complete control over the service.

While dubbed “Unlimited,” the amount of data you’re permitted to use is 35 gigabytes, which is ideal for executing regular internet activities like music streaming, video watch, gaming, browsing, and many more. However, if you are a heavy user and wish to consume beyond 35 gigabytes monthly, this option isn’t recommended for you.

How to Activate the Boost Mobile Unlimited Hotspot Plans?

Purchasing the Boost Mobile Unlimited Hotspot Plans isn’t a tricky task as all you need to do is purchase directly from Boost Mobile or any reliable vendor you find. Keep in mind that this plan is affordable as it costs merely $60 for 35 gigabytes of 4G LTE data, coupled with unlimited domestic talk and text messaging.

For emphasis, the bonuses that accompany this Boost Mobile Unlimited Hotspot Plans include unlimited domestic call and text, 411 directory assistance calls, and 50 domestics voice roaming minutes.

Unlike other plans, this Unlimited Data plan allows you to stream HD videos from your preferred streaming platform up to 1080p. Additionally, you can listen to songs at up to 1.5 megabytes per second and play your favorite online game at an impressive 8 megabytes per second. Ultimately, the 35 gigabytes Boost Mobile Unlimited Hotspot Plans is ideal for lasting you throughout the month while you watch, listen, and read content online and play your preferred game.

Other Worthwhile Boost Mobile Plans

Besides the exceptional 35 gigabytes for $60, Boost Mobile presents other worthwhile plans that you may find helpful.

The table below outlines these options:

Data PlanCost
1 Gigabyte Boost Mobile plan$10
2 Gigabytes Boost Mobile plan$15
5 Gigabytes Boost Mobile plan$25
10 Gigabytes Boost Mobile plan$35
15 Gigabytes Boost Mobile plan$45
35 Gigabytes Boost Mobile plan$50 (SD streaming)
35 Gigabytes Boost Mobile plan$60 (HD streaming)

As previously mentioned, Boost Mobile offers impressive deals on their plans, allowing users to enjoy continuous access to the internet with little to no obstructions. For the best experience, it’s best to bring your unlocked device to activate on Boost Mobile. Such a device isn’t attached to a particular carrier or contract, allowing you to incorporate Boost Mobile and begin switching plans with ease quickly.

Pros and Cons of the Boost Mobile Unlimited Hotspot Plans

This article primarily emphasizes the benefits of opting for the Boost Mobile Unlimited Hotspot Plans; however, you need to see both the benefits and detriments of this plan to make an informed buying decision.

Below are the pros and cons of this service:

  • This plan features unlimited day, text, and talk. 
  • The Boost Mobile Unlimited Hotspot Plan features 35 GB of 4G LTE data.
  • Users can stream videos in high definition with this plan ‘s’ coverage.
  • Domestic data roaming is capped at 50 minutes.
  • The Boost Mobile Unlimited Hotspot Plan is the most expensive Boost Mobile plan available.

Note: Boost Mobile does not charge overages to individuals that use the Unlimited Plus plan.

How Fast is the Boost Mobile Unlimited Hotspot Plans?

Receiving 35 gigabytes is one thing, but being able to use it efficiently is another factor entirely. Fortunately, you don’t have to entertain this fear since Boost Mobile offers this plan along with 4G LTE data speeds. This factor allows you to stream and play online games with zero lag or delay and will only drop in quality when the network is congested with rigorous activities.

Does Boost Mobile Offer International Service?

Despite the exceptional services it offers, Boost Mobile doesn’t possess international access; essentially, if you want to communicate with Canada, Mexico, or other counties, it will cost you an additional fee. This fee involves purchasing an international. Connect plus plan grants access to unlimited landmine calls in 70 countries, with 200 minutes for mobile calls to 50 counties.

Does The Boost Mobile Unlimited Plus Plan Include Mobile Hotspot?

Yes! The Boost Mobile Unlimited Hotspot Plan allows users to share their mobile data wordlessly with other enabled devices. Essentially, you’re equipped with 35 gigabytes of 4G LTE mobile hotspot.

Some additional features of this plan include:

  • The Boost Mobile Unlimited Hotspot plans comes with unlimited talk, text, and data.
  • Subscribers can stream high-definition videos with this plan.
  • Boost Mobile Unlimited plans comes with 35 GB of mobile hotspot.

Will My Phone Work on Boost Mobile?

It depends; most unlocked smartphones are compatible with the Boost Mobile networks since this factor means they aren’t attached to a specific carrier, financial agreement, or contract.

It’s best to contact your carrier to know whether your device will work with Boost Mobile. This action will also help you see if your phone is unlocked or present steps to unlock the device. Fortunately, most smartphones aren’t attached to a specific carrier, allowing you to integrate Boost Mobile and capitalize on the unlimited hotspot. These devices include the Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra, iPhone 12, Pixel 4a 5G, and many more.

Alternatively, you can get a Boost Mobile phone as it’s built to work with the network and function as a regular smartphone with little or lot issues. While it may not be as high in quality as other popular smartphone brands, the device is guaranteed to serve you correctly.

What Features Does Boost Mobile Support?

If you wish to switch to boost mobile to capitalize on this Unlimited Hotspot data plans, you should know what other services are available upon using this network.

These include the liberty to:

  • Visually see your voice mail.
  • Send and receive pictures via MMS.
  • Share your mobile data with your computer, tablet, or secondary mobile device.
  • Experience impressive audio calls.
  • Roam Domestically.
  • Make calls to other countries from the United States.
  • Activate multiple Boost. Mobile lines to save money on plans.
  • Enjoy access to 4G & 5G with low latency.

What Features Does Boost Mobile Not Support?

While Boost Mobile supports a variety of features, three actions exist that the network cannot execute.

These include:

  • Wi-Fi calling; Boost Mobile requires a network connection to make calls, nothing more.
  • International data roaming, where you cannot use your plan outside the US.
  • Boost Mobile doesn’t support eSIM as the network needs a physical SIM card to operate.


Ultimately, Boost Mobile is a telecommunication company that offers wireless services to a large customer base. Amongst its offering is an unlimited hotspot plan that grants your 35 gigabytes to surf the web. This plan is also shareable via Wi-Fi, allowing you to be your router whenever necessary. Essentially, this option is best for individuals that casually stream content and surf websites on the internet; it is not ideal for rigorous usage.