How To Pay AT&T Bill Without Signing In? – Easy Ways

AT&T is the biggest and most popular telecommunication company in the world. It is also the United States’ largest mobile telephone service provider with multiple cell phone and internet plans available to its subscribers. AT&T is involved in both telecommunication and entertainment media. It provides high quality wireless communications, telephone services, telecommunication equipment, and a wide variety of data and internet packages deals.

AT&T offers both prepaid and postpaid cell phone plans to choose from with a price range of $25 to $100 with varying degrees of quality and quantity and availability of both limited and unlimited voice and data plans. You also get to enjoy your internet services wherever you are with a lot of AT&T plans that support mobile hotspot connection.

Paying any type of bills is never a fun thing to do but it is not necessarily difficult. If you are an AT&T subscriber, you should know that there are different methods by which you can take care of your monthly AT&T bills. You can choose any of the different methods that are most convenient and available for you. You can make your payments online using any of your devices, offline through text, through mail services, or by paying in person at any of the available AT&T stores.

If you are having any issue on how you can make your AT&T bill payments, you can read this article to see all the different payment methods.

How Can I Pay my AT&T Bills without Signing in?

There are many ways of making your monthly AT&T bill payments. Online payments are usually the most common method because of its convenience and how you can easily make your payments through any device. However the easiest method requires you to sign in to your AT&T account first before you can make a payment. If you are not able to access your AT&T account, there are multiple other ways you can pay your monthly bills.

These include one-time online payment using FastPay through the AT&T website, by calling or texting AT&T on your phone, through the mail service, or by visiting an AT&T store. Read on to get a detailed guide on how to make an AT&T bill payment using any of these methods.

How to Pay your AT&T Bill without Signing in? – Easy Ways

1) AT&T FastPay

AT&T has a FastPay feature on their website that allows you to make your payments through your phone or other device without having to sign in to your AT&T account. It is a very useful feature for when you can’t access your account and need to make a fast bill payment.

To make your AT&T bill payment without signing in using FastPay;

  • Visit the AT&T FastPay Webpage at and select the Service you want to pay for.
  • Input your AT&T Phone Number/account info and your ZIP Code.
  • Enter Payment Amount and select payment method and details.
  • Click on Send Payment to finalize payment.

After the successful payment, note down your confirmation number and enjoy your services.

2) AT&T Payment by Phone

You can make your AT&T monthly bill payments using your phone by calling or texting AT&T. This method is very fast and convenient for when you do not have access to an internet connection.

To make your AT&T Bill Payment using your Phone:

  • Call AT&T through 800.288.2020 or 800.331.0500 for wireless services. You can also call 611 from your wireless phone.

There is also a Simpler way of Making your Payment without any Processing Fee Required:

  • Dial *PAY (*729) using your AT&T phone or dial *PAGAR (*72427) if you are a Spanish-speaking customer.
  • Input 1 to pay using a bank account or 2 to make payment with a credit/debit card.
  • A voice prompt will guide you on how to complete the payment process. You will receive a confirmation number after a successful payment.

You can also make an AT&T bill payment through text message by signing up for the TXT-2-PAY feature. The TXT-2-PAY feature is free of charge and one of the easiest methods of making your AT&T bill payment without signing in to your account. With this useful feature, you get a text message of your remaining balance six days before expiration date. You can renew your subscription by simply replying to the text message and a payment will be made using the payment method you set up for the TXT-2-PAY feature.

3) AT&T Payment Through Mail

Another method of making your AT&T bill payment without signing in to your account is through mail. You can pay your bills by using snail mail and all you need is a personal check, a stamp, and an envelope. USPS will make sure that your mail is delivered and your bill payment will be processed. You should include your account number with remit slip verifying your payment. The mail method is not a speedy process and might take up to 10 days which is why it is important to make your payment some days before your subscription’s due date.

You can make your AT&T bill payment through the old-fashioned mail service by sending a mail to the following addresses below:

WirelessDSL and Home PhoneDIRECTV on
P.O. Box 6416
Carol Stream, IL 60197-6416
P.O. Box 5080
Carol Stream, IL 60197-5080
P.O. Box 5006
Carol Stream, IL 60197-5006

4) AT&T Payment in Person

Your AT&T bills can also be paid in person by visiting any of the available AT&T stores around you. A lot of retail stores across the country have AT&T Pay Stations that accept payments by cash, check, debit, or credit cards. The locations that you can visit to make your AT&T bill payments in person include AT&T Pay Stations available in multiple retail locations, some authorized payment locations that you can easily locate on the AT&T website, or CheckFreePay Agents that process fast and instant payments.

All these locations accept different types of payment methods and allow you to make inquiries about your subscription and available upgrades.

Other Methods to Pay AT&T Bill without Signing in

1) AT&T AutoPay

The AutoPay option is a useful feature for individuals that are tired of manually making your bill payments every month. You can enroll into AutoPay and avoid being late on your bills. AutoPay uses the payment method you set up to manually renew your subscription at the end of the payment cycle.

2) E-Bill Service

There are some online services that can easily help you manage, review and make your AT&T bill payments. These services allow you to pay your AT&T bills through your bank, credit union or other acceptable financial institution.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Needed to Make AT&T Payment Online without Signing in?

To make an AT&T bill payment on the website without accessing your myAT&T account, you need to use the FastPay feature and provide your AT&T phone number or account number and your ZIP code. You will also need to input the payment amount and your payment details to complete the one-time payment of your AT&T bills. With FastPay, anyone can make a payment for you as long as they have your AT&T account details.

How Fast is the AT&T FastPay Payment Feature?

The AT&T FastPay feature processes your payment fast compared to other methods but it can take up to 24 hours to complete the payment process. A confirmation number will be given to you as soon as the payment is made and it will posted to your account within minutes.

Can I Pay my AT&T Bills through QR Code?

Yes. You can make your AT&T bill payments by scanning the QR code that is found on your AT&T bill. To do that, you will need to use a QR scanner to scan the QR code and you will be directed to a web page. You can then make a payment through your myAT&T account and you can also pay without signing in or with Zenkey.

Can I Pay my AT&T bill using the Mobile App without Signing in?

No. You can only use the myAT&T if you sign in using your account details. You can then use the application to manage your bills, review your account and make all your payments. you can download the application for free on any of your mobile devices through the App Store for iOS devices and the Google Play Store for your Android devices.

What are the Accepted Payment Method for Paying AT&T Bills?

The type of payment method might vary depending on how you are going to make your payment. There are usually multiple options to choose from based on what you have available. The payment methods supported include cash payment, debit or credit cards (American Express card, Visa card, MasterCard, Discover Card and JCB), Apple Pay, BitPay, checking or savings account, PayWithMyBank, and AT&T promotional gift cards.

How to Pay AT&T Prepaid Bill without Signing in?

You can make your AT&T phone bill payments without signing into your account by using AT&T FastPay, calling or texting AT&T on phone, through mail, AutoPay, or by visiting AT&T Pay Stations or other authorized payment locations in person.

How to Pay AT&T Automated Bill by Phone Number?

You can pay your AT&T bills on the phone by calling 800.288.2020 or 800.331.0500 for wireless services. You can also dial 611 on your AT&T wireless phone.

How to Pay AT&T WiFi Bill without Signing in?

You can make your AT&T bill payment without signing in through different methods including mail payment, in person via AT&T stores, using AT&T FastPay, or by calling or texting AT&T on your phone.

Can you Pay AT&T Bill without Logging in?

Yes, you can. There are different methods you can use to make your AT&T bill payments without logging into your myAT&T account.

How do I Pay my AT&T Internet bill?

You can easily pay your internet bills online through myAT&T webpage or through Fast Pay. You can also pay by mail or by visiting a nearby AT&T Pay Station.

How can I Pay my AT&T Cell Phone Bill?

You can pay your AT&T cell phone bill online on the AT&T website through myAT&T or FastPay and you can also pay by calling 800.288.2020 or texting AT&T on your phone. You can also pay in person in any of the available AT&T stores.

How can I See my AT&T Bill on my Phone?

You can review and manage your AT&T bills through the myAT&T account website or on the myAT&T mobile application.

Can I Pay Someone Else’s AT&T Bill?

Yes you can. You can pay someone else’s bill as long as you have the AT&T account details.

What is the Number to Pay AT&T Bill?

You can call AT&T to make your bill payments by calling 800.288.2020 or 800.331.0500 for wireless services. You can also pay by dialing 611 on your wireless phone.

How do I Access my AT&T Account?

You can access your AT&T account by signing into the myAT&T webpage or by signing into the myAT&T mobile application.

Where can I Find my AT&T Account Number?

You can find your AT&T account number online on the myAT&T account or located on the top-right corner of your bill.


AT&T is the biggest telecommunication company in the United States with millions of users across the US states. It is never a fun process when it comes to making your bill payments but AT&T has made it easier for you to pay your bills by providing multiple payment methods. You can make your bill payments by signing into your my AT&T account but you can also make the payment without signing in if you don’t have access to your account.

The different methods of making your AT&T bill payments without signing in include payment through FastPay, through calling or texting AT&T and paying in person or through mail service. These AT&T payment methods without signing in to your account have been explained in full detail in this article.